More Ink & Water Photography

Sorry guys, but I can tell this is going to become an obsession for me this weekend! I just adore the organic shapes and colours that transpire from dropping a few splodges of ink in some water. Its truly meditative watching it swirl and spread. It reminds me of those oil lamps they had way back, y’know, with the blobs all merging and separating from each other.

Anyway…this is a couple I did with Orange and Pink ink.

orangeandpink1  orangeandpink2

I love the subtle changes in the delicate structure of these. Almost like fairytale flowers blooming. Beautiful (in my opinion…!)


Ink & Water Photography (Budget style)

Hello everyone on this rainy windy day! I hope you are all well, doing whatever stuff you need to do.

So anyway, I was browsing online this morning….and I found myself staring in wonder at Alberto Seveso’s portfolio of his ink droplets in water series. Now…they are most beautiful…..jaw droppingly beautiful (if you like that sort of thing). I was thinking “oh how I wish I could do something like that” and noticed that he uses all sorts of techno gadgets and digital wizardry like photoshop, etc. Well! Budget brain to the rescue! (maybe I should rephrase that….I did not pick up my brain at the dollar store.)

I grabbed a few sheets of white paper, some tape, a plastic clear bowl of water, some ink (or paint) and my little phone. I tried to use my daylight bulb lamp, but it was too shiny and caused reflections, so I just sat at the window. Rain makes a good filter! (she said, sarcastically)

inkdrop photo1  Inkblot photo3

I love these for a first time! They look very whimsical – like little figures at the base of a tree or something. I am SO proud of these – ok, not quite Seveso style, but still….very cool!

Inkblot fish

Hello all, and happy Monday to you! I had some spare time this morning, so I thought I would show you what I have been working on. Still a bit of cleaning up to do, but its done, for the most part. Also in the name of transparency, I ought to admit that I’m a messy worker artist type person…..I tend to take “a room of my own” quite literally and spread stuff all around me, ha!


Paper Pulp Bowls


So two of my bowls have been completed. I tried out some metallic paint for a change, rather than matt acrylic. I quite like the effect, but perhaps not inside and out. The lumpy bumpy texture makes it look like foil, ha! May as well make a foil bowl then, huh?

I filled this one with oranges because we are a very healthy fresh fruit family (she says, sliding the chocolate cookies out of view….) and also the small oranges look very nice against the green.






I know this has nothing to do with recycling, but I wanted to share an amazing fruit I discovered today. Lychees! These are small pink round bumpy skinned fruit, about the size of a large grape. You peel off the skin like a boiled egg (if you are so inclined…I just normally thump the egg with a spoon) and eat the white juicy flesh underneath. The stones in the middle are large (like chocolate raisins) and hard. My teeth will testify to that – nobody told me they had stones!

The health benefits make them like a Superfruit! Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Niacin, riboflavin, folate, copper, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, etc, etc. The skin is so pink, I’m tempted to boil it up and see if it will make ink. Or dye….and then I shall plant the seeds to see what kind of plant grows.

I just had to share *ahem*. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, whereupon I will show you the newly dried paper pulp bowls from last week – all painted nicely!

Learning Style


(Painting I did last year called “Boom”, fitting for today’s topic I think)

Good morning everyone – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It snowed lots where I live, and many snowmen were built, and snowball fights were had! Snow – like the sun – cheers everyone up and makes them want to play, even adults, ha!

So, back to today’s assignment, learning style for me is very visual. I need a show and tell. If I try to build a wardrobe based on written instructions I’m all “Bleugh….this makes NO sense!” but if you show me how to do it (ie build the wardrobe while I stand back and drink coffee), then I’m on my merry way. I get it….really get it. BOOM! I can build anything!

I think many people are like this – after all, its how we learned as children. We learned by example, by watching and copying our parents, older siblings, teachers, etc. Even in Nature, baby animals learn by copying.

And I think its important in art too….people learn by copying. (Not copying to sell – that’s a whole ‘nother story), but in order to learn something visual, I think its natural to be shown in a visual manner. That’s why videos are important, and workshops. We all get together and learn together (or on our own, depending on personality) We become better at “*insert particular thing* by being shown, rather than being given a list of instructions and left to get on with it.

So thats my take on it…..I’d be interested to know whether you agree or not. How do you learn?


Works in Progress

Hello everyone! What a great morning it is, all sunshiney and cold!

Anyway, I wanted to show you a couple of works in progress I have going on. I think its important to share these things, because all too often, everyone (i.e. Me!) gets inspired by the pretty pictures on the internet and thinks “oooh, I’ll try that” and what you end up with is nothing like the finished product you saw. So then you get disheartened and grumpy and think you’ll never be good at anything, etc, etc.

So! I have been playing with paper these past few days, and getting in a proper mess, lemme tell ya! But! Like the phoenix in the fire, something amazing will arise from these creative journeys, oh yes.

First we have the Wall Hanging

hanging decoration

This was inspired by a Christmas Bauble I had over the holidays. Its broken now (thanks to the dog, ha!) But I thought I would try and a) make it in a 3D paper form, and b) make it in more Spring/Summery colours. It involved a lot of measuring, cutting, and gluing. I’m going to finish it off with beads and show you the final (pretty) picture 🙂

Next we have…..paper pulp

paper pulp bowl

This will be pretty – I promise! Its paper pulp, rather than paper mache (I’ve never been good at controlling strips of glued paper *ahem*) Its 2 old newspapers, mashed up in a pot of warm water, and dolloped into a plastic salad bowl covered with foil. Now, the most tedious messy part of this is squeezing (or sponging) out the water. This takes a looong time (Two coffees worth actually) I had some pulp left over so I did a couple of little ones with lids. Again, these will be shown when they are dried.

So there we are….a  little glimpse into a creative journey. From mayhem to magic, ha! That’s the plan at least. I’m a little bit hyper this morning – I was up at 06.30 making bread for the day. Its not a habit I plan on keeping up…….!!

Bye for now, have a great day 😀

An Incredibly bad poem about toothpaste!

blue toothpaste

A tiny blue blob landed in my sink
He gave me a nod and gave me a wink
Said “hey there girl, I see you’re kinda blue
What can I possibly do for you?”

I looked at him in utter surprise
He stared right back, big wide eyes
I said “what on earth are you, some kinda fish?”
He said “no, sweet lady I’m a Blue Wish”

I said “Ah, right, now I understand”
So I thought of things that I had planned
I said “make me famous, make me rich”
He replied by giving a nervous twitch

“Can’t do that, its too much work”
He stared at me with an evil smirk
“You had one chance, now its a waste
All I am now is blue toothpaste……”

Arts & Crafts on a Budget


Good morning everyone!

I thought I would write this post in response to the assignment on Blogging 101, and also for anyone who wants to simply have some fun with creativity.

See….(I hope I don’t start ranting)……Being creative these days, seems to take so much work! So much money.….so much stuff! I see huge supply lists before any project, and so many brand names (many of which I haven’t even heard of, never mind used) Its like “You can’t make *insert pretty project* unless you have ALL these supplies. “Be Prepared” they say, very importantly.


I hear my bank account sighing before I have even spent a penny.

So….here I am, bringing my little (handmade, and rather large, actually) box of creative goodies to plonk down on your table and saying “All you need is right here, right now” Rummage through your  junk drawers, raid the recycling bin for bits and bobs (for example look at this book I made from an empty laundry box)


Help your local business by offering to help them get rid of their “rubbish” Because for a creative project, there is no such thing as rubbish, haha! Its all pure gold.

And thats really why I’m here. To show you that playing and creativity can be done anywhere, by anyone for next to no cost.

The End. (See, I didn’t really rant at all, did i? I was quite polite 🙂 )