Lightbulb of Doom!

lightbulb of doom

Let me tell you the story of the Lightbulb of Doom.

Yesterday morning was a shock to the system. Up at stupid o’clock, stumbling around making breakfast and getting Husband ready for his first day back at work after the holidays….I’m grumbling and mumbling reminders out loud about stuff we needed to do – and the lightbulb exploded….ok, an exaggeration perhaps, but it was loud. And it tripped the whole system of electricity! So Husband was grabbing his stuff and flying out the door to get his train, toast in hand…..I’m scrabbling about the cupboard trying to locate the Main switch, the dog is howling because everything is dark and she needs a cuddle (diva dog, yep)….chaos!!

Half an hour later, and calm is restored. I’m sitting at the kitchen table, coffee in one hand, and glaring at the offensive bulb lying sweetly quiet but dead next to me.

So I made it into a hot air balloon decoration. Because that’s what I do. I have moments of symbolic epiphanies (lightbulb = idea…..geddit?? Haha!)

I glued and pasted and painted and came up with this. It now hangs in my little workroom. Hangs off my lamp actually. My lamp works…..heh!


6 thoughts on “Lightbulb of Doom!

    1. Oh thank YOU for your lovely comment (and follow). Lucky you, as well, for going to art school – did you find it useful? I hear different views for and against. I’m heading over to your blog for a wee nosy around 🙂


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