Arts & Crafts on a Budget


Good morning everyone!

I thought I would write this post in response to the assignment on Blogging 101, and also for anyone who wants to simply have some fun with creativity.

See….(I hope I don’t start ranting)……Being creative these days, seems to take so much work! So much money.….so much stuff! I see huge supply lists before any project, and so many brand names (many of which I haven’t even heard of, never mind used) Its like “You can’t make *insert pretty project* unless you have ALL these supplies. “Be Prepared” they say, very importantly.


I hear my bank account sighing before I have even spent a penny.

So….here I am, bringing my little (handmade, and rather large, actually) box of creative goodies to plonk down on your table and saying “All you need is right here, right now” Rummage through your  junk drawers, raid the recycling bin for bits and bobs (for example look at this book I made from an empty laundry box)


Help your local business by offering to help them get rid of their “rubbish” Because for a creative project, there is no such thing as rubbish, haha! Its all pure gold.

And thats really why I’m here. To show you that playing and creativity can be done anywhere, by anyone for next to no cost.

The End. (See, I didn’t really rant at all, did i? I was quite polite 🙂 )


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