Works in Progress

Hello everyone! What a great morning it is, all sunshiney and cold!

Anyway, I wanted to show you a couple of works in progress I have going on. I think its important to share these things, because all too often, everyone (i.e. Me!) gets inspired by the pretty pictures on the internet and thinks “oooh, I’ll try that” and what you end up with is nothing like the finished product you saw. So then you get disheartened and grumpy and think you’ll never be good at anything, etc, etc.

So! I have been playing with paper these past few days, and getting in a proper mess, lemme tell ya! But! Like the phoenix in the fire, something amazing will arise from these creative journeys, oh yes.

First we have the Wall Hanging

hanging decoration

This was inspired by a Christmas Bauble I had over the holidays. Its broken now (thanks to the dog, ha!) But I thought I would try and a) make it in a 3D paper form, and b) make it in more Spring/Summery colours. It involved a lot of measuring, cutting, and gluing. I’m going to finish it off with beads and show you the final (pretty) picture 🙂

Next we have…..paper pulp

paper pulp bowl

This will be pretty – I promise! Its paper pulp, rather than paper mache (I’ve never been good at controlling strips of glued paper *ahem*) Its 2 old newspapers, mashed up in a pot of warm water, and dolloped into a plastic salad bowl covered with foil. Now, the most tedious messy part of this is squeezing (or sponging) out the water. This takes a looong time (Two coffees worth actually) I had some pulp left over so I did a couple of little ones with lids. Again, these will be shown when they are dried.

So there we are….a  little glimpse into a creative journey. From mayhem to magic, ha! That’s the plan at least. I’m a little bit hyper this morning – I was up at 06.30 making bread for the day. Its not a habit I plan on keeping up…….!!

Bye for now, have a great day 😀

4 thoughts on “Works in Progress

    1. Oh I know what you mean! I spent at least 20 mins trying to scrub the ink off my hands! Making cards with paper pulp sounds interesting – I tried making paper once but couldn’t get the sizing right to draw or paint on. Did you scrapbook with your cards, or something else? 🙂


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