Learning Style


(Painting I did last year called “Boom”, fitting for today’s topic I think)

Good morning everyone – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It snowed lots where I live, and many snowmen were built, and snowball fights were had! Snow – like the sun – cheers everyone up and makes them want to play, even adults, ha!

So, back to today’s assignment, learning style for me is very visual. I need a show and tell. If I try to build a wardrobe based on written instructions I’m all “Bleugh….this makes NO sense!” but if you show me how to do it (ie build the wardrobe while I stand back and drink coffee), then I’m on my merry way. I get it….really get it. BOOM! I can build anything!

I think many people are like this – after all, its how we learned as children. We learned by example, by watching and copying our parents, older siblings, teachers, etc. Even in Nature, baby animals learn by copying.

And I think its important in art too….people learn by copying. (Not copying to sell – that’s a whole ‘nother story), but in order to learn something visual, I think its natural to be shown in a visual manner. That’s why videos are important, and workshops. We all get together and learn together (or on our own, depending on personality) We become better at “*insert particular thing* by being shown, rather than being given a list of instructions and left to get on with it.

So thats my take on it…..I’d be interested to know whether you agree or not. How do you learn?



3 thoughts on “Learning Style

  1. I learn by reading but for practical things, I learn faster by visuals. It’s like cake decorations, I learn faster by standing and watching the whole process or by watching videos. I think it depends on what’s to be learnt. Sometimes, reading alone can’t help much, some ‘seeing the action’ becomes necessary. Group learning is where I garner different perspectives and approaches. Thanks for this post. Best wishes for the week!

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