Ink & Water Photography (Budget style)

Hello everyone on this rainy windy day! I hope you are all well, doing whatever stuff you need to do.

So anyway, I was browsing online this morning….and I found myself staring in wonder at Alberto Seveso’s portfolio of his ink droplets in water series. Now…they are most beautiful…..jaw droppingly beautiful (if you like that sort of thing). I was thinking “oh how I wish I could do something like that” and noticed that he uses all sorts of techno gadgets and digital wizardry like photoshop, etc. Well! Budget brain to the rescue! (maybe I should rephrase that….I did not pick up my brain at the dollar store.)

I grabbed a few sheets of white paper, some tape, a plastic clear bowl of water, some ink (or paint) and my little phone. I tried to use my daylight bulb lamp, but it was too shiny and caused reflections, so I just sat at the window. Rain makes a good filter! (she said, sarcastically)

inkdrop photo1Β  Inkblot photo3

I love these for a first time! They look very whimsical – like little figures at the base of a tree or something. I am SO proud of these – ok, not quite Seveso style, but still….very cool!

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