Mountain Face Decalcomania

mountain face

See the face? Almost dead centre? It looks like one of those old fashioned Chinese men with the long moustache’s. Weird.

Anyway, I’m struggling to work with a wire wine rack that I rescued from that place I got the palette from. I cleaned it and painted it but it doesn’t look right, so…..I had the not-so amazing-idea of wrapping it with wool. Don’t ask….just having a crazy day! 😀

Reclaimed palette

Hello, I hope you are all well today? Gosh I am so excited because I finally got myself a wooden palette! (Who knew scrap wood equals having a great day?!) I have wanted one for so long, but the ones I saw were all soaked, dirty, broken and otherwise unsuitable. So today, when I saw that a new business which opened up down the road had cast out some palettes (3 to be exact, all brand new wood), I asked if I could have them. I took the smallest one with me as I already had the dog, and there was no way on earth I was lugging huge palettes up the road! (Heavens knows what I’m going to do with the other two – eek! She wants them away by 6pm)

Anyway, I got my trusty sander out and smoothed all the splinters. I’m not sure whether to leave it as is, with a coat of varnish, or maybe paint it? What do you think?

palette  palette bottompalette top These photos were taken a bit quickly so I’m sorry for the poor quality, ha! Seeing them on here makes me think I could just leave it as it is….looks quite nice really, all natural. Hmmm.

Words by Kelly Moore Artist

So I’m sitting here at 03.48, drinking my second cup of tea and roaming the internet (as you do – in Victorian times, people used to go to cafes and churches that were opened through the night. They would go and chat, or pray, then go back to bed. Being awake at this time was regarded as normal, not insomnia)

Anyway, poking around the internet, I find this:

we are the last humans

not to have a computer in side us

the last humans to drive

our own car

the last humans to

read a map

the last humans to

hold a book in our hands

the last humans to do

manual work

the last humans to die

of natural causes

the last humans to experience our world

as a place of possibility and mystery

i can honestly say im thrilled

to be standing out doors in the elements

on cold windy spring day at the flea market

not knowing what the day holds

but im not sure thats what

the world

wants anymore

This is a poem(?) by Kelly Moore – an outsider artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a quirky man…..rather eccentric, and his art is very nice (if you like raw darkness, crows and cowboys) He works from a flea market that is open most of the year to the public, and he makes amusing observations about people and life in general – and I think this piece of writing really sums it all up.

Experimenting with paint

Good afternoon to you! I hope you are having the finest of days. Its a beautiful sunny day outside, and I have been experimenting with watercolour techniques, since my room is so bright and sunny.

Crevasse1  This is Decalcomania, where you paint on paper then lay another sheet of paper on top. After half a minute or so, you pull off the top piece and ta-daa! You have something that looks like this, with veiny lines all over.

red reeds

green hill

I just love the way tiny landscapes appear before your eyes when you peel the top paper off. This last one here is like a green hill – that splodge of paint looks like….well…a person?, bird? that might be thinking about heaving himself up the final bit, haha!

A Watercolour Rock

The Rock Inkblot

Good evening lovely readers! I was sorting through some files and found this watercolour I did a while ago. I adore the colours in this. It reminds me of a rock or crystal found in some far way mountains! Just wanted to share with you. I’ll get back to being busy now. 😀 Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Abstract Doodle

Good morning everybody! I hope you are all well today. I am supposed to be filling in forms today 😦 but as ever I procrastinate, badly.

reflection doodle1


I made this doodle by basically scribbling all over my notes a piece of paper, sectioning off a piece, and repeating it, making sure to line up everything so it flows properly. Then I coloured it in with markers…..because clearly I’m still 5 years old *ahem* But look at how vibrant it is! 😀 I also love how it transforms into something else entirely as you repeat it, so its completely different from the original piece that was sectioned off.


Back with a Bang (and a bubbe)

*Bustles in backwards through the door, carrying coffee and cake, and sits down*

*waves to everyone* Hello! 4 days away and look at the things that have happened! (Been very unwell – I’ll spare you the details. Have some cake 🙂 )

Yeah – Make it Through Monday didn’t quite make it through then, eh? ha! I’ll catch up tomorrow *hands over sick note*

I’ll also catch up on emails, comments, and suchlike. I love you all!

Thanks for bearing with me – I’m not a slacker, although I do feel terribly guilty at being away from here. But its Scotland, and the weird weather does all sorts of strange things to ones immune system.

Have a bubble, why don’t you. It goes well with cake.




Bubbles Baaaaabyyyy!!

I know, I know…bubbles, sheesh! Who knew they could be so interesting?! I do go outside, you know, oh yes, I have a Real Life, that keeps me fairly busy – I’m really not such a bubblehead 😀 I just had an amusing thought though – I’m currently applying for a different job, and imagined a scenario whereby I had to go for an interview, and they ask my what I enjoy doing in my spare time…..what do I say? That I like photographing bubbles??!!

Anyway, here’s one I did this morning….I had the audacity to name it as well. behold the Purple Jewel *ahem* (Pretentious, much? Haha!)

Purple jewel