Bubbles (again)


Good morning! Some improvement in my Macro photography this morning. This is an oil and soap liquid solution, which makes the bubbles thicker and more shapely, in my opinion. The soap gives off the beautiful colours, and also keeps them formed longer instead of popping. Next thing I need to learn is how to stop the mass of tiny bubbles around it. I just want nice fat bubbles. Not too much to ask for is it? lol

7 thoughts on “Bubbles (again)

    1. Maybe you can convince my husband…he suggested that perhaps I could review my priorities and try not to make bubbles one of them…..hahaha! In his defence, we were trying to take the dog out, so maybe he had a point. But thank you, yes I do tend to be a bit obsessive when I create. Just warn me if I get a bit wild with the scissors! 😀

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