Bubbles Baaaaabyyyy!!

I know, I know…bubbles, sheesh! Who knew they could be so interesting?! I do go outside, you know, oh yes, I have a Real Life, that keeps me fairly busy – I’m really not such a bubblehead 😀 I just had an amusing thought though – I’m currently applying for a different job, and imagined a scenario whereby I had to go for an interview, and they ask my what I enjoy doing in my spare time…..what do I say? That I like photographing bubbles??!!

Anyway, here’s one I did this morning….I had the audacity to name it as well. behold the Purple Jewel *ahem* (Pretentious, much? Haha!)

Purple jewel

11 thoughts on “Bubbles Baaaaabyyyy!!

  1. Wow you are so talented! I think Pinterest is a good place to show them off. I hope you got to join the Pinterest game on Pinsinanutshell.com. We are opening an new one later today. Wow I am so impressed with your skill. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Oh hello! 🙂 Thanks for commenting. (blushing at the talent comment – shucks, i wouldn’t quite go that far, but thanks )Yes, I really need to get my Pinterest sorted – although I have made a start. I will also drop by and see the new game – I have been looking forward to that since last week, haha!

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    1. Yeah, its getting better isn’t it? I’m fairly proud of this one. Thanks for your encouraging comment. I’m thinking of putting them somewhere else (like Flickr) or something, because I’m feeling really guilty for deviating from the purpose of the blog, ha!

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      1. I printed a couple today actually, just really small A5 size. They look (suprisingly) good, but I need to play with the settings a bit to get the best results. Also ink – gosh I used up a lot of ink, haha! Selling…well, thats a whole new avenue, but I did wonder how they would look as posters, or large pictures…..but the thought of selling bubbles really makes me chuckle a LOT! 😀

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      2. hahaha! I really am laughing out loud – even my husband just said “Will I have to tell people that my wife sells bubbles for living now?!” Food for thought though – I will let you know how I get on. I really do appreciate your encouragement, thanks! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much! I must apologise for my late reply, I haven’t been well. But thank you SO much for your comment! I really appreciate it! I have done a few more bubbles *ahem* which I shall put up in the next few days. 😀

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