Back with a Bang (and a bubbe)

*Bustles in backwards through the door, carrying coffee and cake, and sits down*

*waves to everyone* Hello! 4 days away and look at the things that have happened! (Been very unwell – I’ll spare you the details. Have some cake πŸ™‚ )

Yeah – Make it Through Monday didn’t quite make it through then, eh? ha! I’ll catch up tomorrow *hands over sick note*

I’ll also catch up on emails, comments, and suchlike. I love you all!

Thanks for bearing with me – I’m not a slacker, although I do feel terribly guilty at being away from here. But its Scotland, and the weird weather does all sorts of strange things to ones immune system.

Have a bubble, why don’t you. It goes well with cake.




6 thoughts on “Back with a Bang (and a bubbe)

      1. hahaha!! Well I’m a bit of an oddball regarding the following of Scottish culture. I hate haggis, hate whisky, hate bagpipes and tartan and generally dislike the Scottish accent when I hear it on TV. I know, I know….I’m a traitor to my people 😦 :p

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