Reclaimed palette

Hello, I hope you are all well today? Gosh I am so excited because I finally got myself a wooden palette! (Who knew scrap wood equals having a great day?!) I have wanted one for so long, but the ones I saw were all soaked, dirty, broken and otherwise unsuitable. So today, when I saw that a new business which opened up down the road had cast out some palettes (3 to be exact, all brand new wood), I asked if I could have them. I took the smallest one with me as I already had the dog, and there was no way on earth I was lugging huge palettes up the road! (Heavens knows what I’m going to do with the other two – eek! She wants them away by 6pm)

Anyway, I got my trusty sander out and smoothed all the splinters. I’m not sure whether to leave it as is, with a coat of varnish, or maybe paint it? What do you think?

paletteΒ  palette bottompalette top These photos were taken a bit quickly so I’m sorry for the poor quality, ha! Seeing them on here makes me think I could just leave it as it is….looks quite nice really, all natural. Hmmm.

5 thoughts on “Reclaimed palette

  1. Great idea ☺️ Painting or natural depends on the context in which they’re being displayed I think. Having done the whole natural wood thing for many years. I now prefer wood painted white, but have just had a floor covered in dark oak which sets off the white really well and it makes a dark room much lighter. Palettes are great aren’t they. I wonder how many get wasted? My hb recycled a couple to make wood stores for our logs. Ps going AWOL for a few days from tomorrow so forgive any lack of response for a while.

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    1. Oh ok, no problem. I quite like the raw wood, but I have dark wood floors too, so while it looks alright, its still a bit too “woody” for me, haha! I have some white paint somewhere, I might give it a coat and see what its like. If not, I’ll paint it vibrant pink with yellow tassels πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh I wasn’t being serious, honest! I’m not much of a pink fan either. I like subtle colours personally. I’m sure white will be just fine….although if it stays in my room for much longer, Its likely to end up all sorts of colours! *ahem*

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