Words by Kelly Moore Artist

So I’m sitting here at 03.48, drinking my second cup of tea and roaming the internet (as you do – in Victorian times, people used to go to cafes and churches that were opened through the night. They would go and chat, or pray, then go back to bed. Being awake at this time was regarded as normal, not insomnia)

Anyway, poking around the internet, I find this:

we are the last humans

not to have a computer in side us

the last humans to drive

our own car

the last humans to

read a map

the last humans to

hold a book in our hands

the last humans to do

manual work

the last humans to die

of natural causes

the last humans to experience our world

as a place of possibility and mystery

i can honestly say im thrilled

to be standing out doors in the elements

on cold windy spring day at the flea market

not knowing what the day holds

but im not sure thats what

the world

wants anymore

This is a poem(?) by Kelly Moore – an outsider artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a quirky man…..rather eccentric, and his art is very nice (if you like raw darkness, crows and cowboys) He works from a flea market that is open most of the year to the public, and he makes amusing observations about people and life in general – and I think this piece of writing really sums it all up.

3 thoughts on “Words by Kelly Moore Artist

  1. It’s a sad truth of life… Gone are the days where life was to be enjoyed and lived… it’s nowadays a race for everything which was abundant in the past!
    Beautiful post by you and thanks for introducing me to another fantastic artist!😊✌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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