Decalcomania angst

Hello everyone – Happy Saturday. Even though its pouring with rain here in Scotland, and Storm Katie is skulking on the horizon, I do hope you are having a lovely weekend.

I have spent the last couple of days trying to push this decalcomania forward into new realms. Now I’m no Max Ernst by any means, or even Oscar Deminguez, but I do like to break through creative barriers.


I saw this “monster” and thought it would be a good idea to highlight its plight in black pen. I don’t like it now – I should have left it alone. The black pen seems to de….de….umm, devalue? it. Decalcomania touches upon the subconscious, serendipity, chance,  and to deliberately mark it with pen, just is…..wrong. In my opinion.

So! I did another one

volcano spillfire

I like the reflective quality in this one – it can be viewed upside down (please take my word for it, don’t be having accidents with trying to stand on your head, or electrocute yourself by turning your monitor over!)

and another

misty treebones

I could keep on doing this forever, but my muse is niggling me for something more.


Woman in Repose

Good afternoon lovely people! I’m waiting for fabric stuff to dry, and have the patience of a scuttling ant, so while I’m waiting, I thought I would do some decalcomania. I am seriously quite obsessed with this artform, its just so…….weird!


This piece for example – don’t you think it looks like a woman lying sleeping? Or maybe even dead? It made me think of ancient burial rites, mummification, rituals and all that stuff (because clearly I was an Anthropologist in a previous life)

Anyway, just thought I would share this. I’d better get some dinner on before Mister gets back from work and thinks I have done nothing but play all day! 😀

Ink Dyed Fabric



Good morning! I hope you are all well today, and that you had a great weekend? I spent the majority of the weekend dying lots of recycled fabric. Sumptious colours, don’t you think? The way I do it (adopts arty farty voice “my process“) leaves a lot to serendipity, in that once the fabric has dried, lots of shapes appear, like this one……

pink shape

So it leaves lots of scope for stitching ideas – I’m not the most patient of hand stitchers, I prefer to use my machine, but I have a few ideas for making things, so I’ll be back later on with an update! 😀

Still here..


I’m still here, but haven’t had a chance to post properly as I’m trying to organise things in my room, yet again. I’ve discovered what my “problem” is……I have too much stuff too many boxes for all my bits and bobs. What I require is some sort of shelving unit. Now I do have a couple of free standing shelves, but they are not fixed to the wall as they are on wheels. Also, my walls are very thin, so actually drilling holes for shelving then placing things ON the attached shelves, would basically crack the walls. I’m trying to use my imagination and find ways of storage that doesn’t involve hammers and nails. I am also attempting to section off areas of the room, so I have a drawing/painting area, sewing area, and crafting area. Not easy in a tiny room. First world problems I know, but still….

The above picture is a collage of randomly torn newspaper, placed into a recognisable shape, painted on, and drawn on. Circa 2011 or somesuch.

Toilet Paper Roll Fun

Hello, happy Wednesday! Life has got in the way of my crafting endeavours recently, but I managed to squeeze in some loo paper roll things. Here we have a Toilet Paper Roll bracelet


which I wore with pride on a sunny Monday, in a place where it really wasn’t appropriate. Hang on, let me rephrase that……I wore the bracelet on my wrist, in a place where handmade goodness such as this, wasn’t appropriate. Jeez, can someone remind me to engage my bran before speaking?! So anyway, I made a few more, then wondered what else I could make from Loo rolls….how about a flower?

lilly1 It looks like a Lily I think……


Or maybe a pink cabbage? An exotic flower of some sort anyhow!

Other than that, I hope you are all well. 😀

Felt Doodle! (feltoodle?)


Good Evening on this fine Saturday night 🙂 I hope you are well. In my continuing quest for the ultimate medium for my one-line doodles, I have discovered felt! I haven’t worked with felt before, its always been fabric – recycled at that! However today I bought some felt (the thread and sequins are recycled though so I’m not deviating too much from my Eco Warrior self 😀 ) So! felt is a new thing for me – it doesn’t fray and there is no seam allowance required, which means no turning inside out, and I wanted to keep the design simple until I got used to it. This “rabbit” is smaller at about 5 inches tall, so was a bit fiddly. However I’m very pleased with it. I’m going to make some more tomorrow, key-rings and also (thanks to @juicenut for her suggestion) pincushions!

Textile Doodle!

textile doodle

Hello, lookit this!! I took doodling to another level 😀 I did another one-line doodle but on fabric this time, stitched it and painted it. I love this (bizarre creation). I learned a lot from doing this today, and I think my next one will be much more refined. Crazy cartoons on the wall – everyone should have one, hehehe!

One Line Doodle

Good Morning everyone! What a fine morning it is today. I just wanted to share this one-line doodle…..thing with you. A simple line all over the page without lifting the pen, find some shapes to embellish and colour it in!

oneline doodle

It ends up being a little bit eccentric and fun, but its so relaxing as there is no pressure or inner critic stuff going on.

I’m struggling with my muse at the moment – I keep looking at textile art and thinking my poor sewing machine has been sitting under my desk for far too long. Most of last year I worked with textiles, and this year I wanted to concentrate more on other things, but the lure of fabric is calling……Hmmmm….I’ll have to see if tea and cake can help me make up my mind.



framed pic2 framed pic1

Hello – its almost the weekend! 😀

I began yesterday with the sparkling idea of making cardboard frames for my pictures. I have a ton of cardboard (which comes from one of “my” shops – she throws it out on a Wednesday and I go collect it 🙂 ) Anyway, the frames didn’t quite work out, so I used the sheets as a backing for a few  empty canvas frames I have. I backed the picture onto black cardboard, then staplegunned the brown cardboard to the back of the frame. Then I stapled the pic down. 5 mins it took me. Its only for my room, mind you – if it was a professional job then I would take more care obviously, but hey it looks alright.

And here is a blue scribble man for your perusal. 😀

blue man