Decalcomania again


Hello all! Hope you are having a lovely day 🙂 This piece is one of the final attempts of today that I felt it was nice enough to share. Thing is with Decalcomania, is it really is an “art” – in that the paper has to be just right, the paint has to be just the right consistency, the top piece of paper that you peel off has different effects depending on what you do….and…and, its just so specific! This is (adopts grandious arty farty voice) Work No. 23.

So! Here in Scotland, we are getting all 4 seasons in one day. Started off sunny, and I walked the dog, then it got wild and windy, a bit of snow, and now the sun is beginning to shine again. I began the day with no jacket and light shoes, and now I have boots on, a jacket, and a bobbly pompom hat.

I have signed up for a Photo challenge on WP which starts this month, and also a Commenting Bootcamp – as if I need any encouragement to talk, haha!



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