framed pic2 framed pic1

Hello – its almost the weekend! 😀

I began yesterday with the sparkling idea of making cardboard frames for my pictures. I have a ton of cardboard (which comes from one of “my” shops – she throws it out on a Wednesday and I go collect it 🙂 ) Anyway, the frames didn’t quite work out, so I used the sheets as a backing for a few  empty canvas frames I have. I backed the picture onto black cardboard, then staplegunned the brown cardboard to the back of the frame. Then I stapled the pic down. 5 mins it took me. Its only for my room, mind you – if it was a professional job then I would take more care obviously, but hey it looks alright.

And here is a blue scribble man for your perusal. 😀

blue man

9 thoughts on “Recycling

    1. haha! Thank you for the lovely compliment, but my little art pieces wouldn’t really sell – they are a bit weird, don’t you think? In my town, people prefer pink owls with crowns or little birdies with glitter…..cutesy stuff, y’know? But I DID find a little print shop down the road that is very cheap and amazing quality – I got an A3 size print of my Nailed The Bubble (the orange one) for a whole pound! I’m looking at selling online though… this space, hehe! 😀

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      1. Hmmm, I’m really not good with all this marketing/advertising malarky. I had a blog many many years ago (2004) and an american man wanted to buy a pastel painting I had done. I freaked, deleted my entire blog and ran away basically! haha! Hopefully I’ll be a bit more confident these days 😀

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