Felt Doodle! (feltoodle?)


Good Evening on this fine Saturday night πŸ™‚ I hope you are well. In my continuing quest for the ultimate medium for my one-line doodles, I have discovered felt! I haven’t worked with felt before, its always been fabric – recycled at that! However today I bought some felt (the thread and sequins are recycled though so I’m not deviating too much from my Eco Warrior self πŸ˜€ ) So! felt is a new thing for me – it doesn’t fray and there is no seam allowance required, which means no turning inside out, and I wanted to keep the design simple until I got used to it. This “rabbit” is smaller at about 5 inches tall, so was a bit fiddly. However I’m very pleased with it. I’m going to make some more tomorrow, key-rings and also (thanks to @juicenut for her suggestion) pincushions!

8 thoughts on “Felt Doodle! (feltoodle?)

  1. Foodle?! Haha, brilliant, I like felt too, I use it on cards sometimes and I made some pics of a knight, castle and medieval juggler out of felt and framed them for the kids’ room a long time ago when they were into all that stuff. It’s fun playing with felt 😊

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    1. Foodle! Love it πŸ™‚ Feloodle? nah, taking it too far now, ha! You use it on cards? Really I didn’t know you could do that. And your medieval scene sounds great….did you sew it all down or stick it somehow? This felt stuff is new to me.

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    1. Wow – brilliant idea! Any more like that and I’ll have to start paying you commision, haha! Actually….I think cushions might come under the handmade toy law, which is that any handmade toy for children under 14, has to undergo stringent testing and be certified as safe…..such is our nanny state. 😦 But I’m gonna make some anyway, just to see if I can. πŸ˜€

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