Toilet Paper Roll Fun

Hello, happy Wednesday! Life has got in the way of my crafting endeavours recently, but I managed to squeeze in some loo paper roll things. Here we have a Toilet Paper Roll bracelet


which I wore with pride on a sunny Monday, in a place where it really wasn’t appropriate. Hang on, let me rephrase that……I wore the bracelet on my wrist, in a place where handmade goodness such as this, wasn’t appropriate. Jeez, can someone remind me to engage my bran before speaking?! So anyway, I made a few more, then wondered what else I could make from Loo rolls….how about a flower?

lilly1 It looks like a Lily I think……


Or maybe a pink cabbage? An exotic flower of some sort anyhow!

Other than that, I hope you are all well. 😀

6 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Roll Fun

  1. A cabbage rose? So many toilet rolls, so little time… Actually most cardboard inners in our house usually get made into medieval instruments of torture by our grandson! Wrapping paper tubes, foil tubes, cereal boxes, etc etc

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    1. A cabbage rose! of course. And your grandson sounds delightful! I’m looking forward to having grandkids, (wait, did I REALLY say that?!) but I’m thinking its going to be a while yet if my two have anything to say about it. 😀

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