Still here..


I’m still here, but haven’t had a chance to post properly as I’m trying to organise things in my room, yet again. I’ve discovered what my “problem” is……I have too much stuff too many boxes for all my bits and bobs. What I require is some sort of shelving unit. Now I do have a couple of free standing shelves, but they are not fixed to the wall as they are on wheels. Also, my walls are very thin, so actually drilling holes for shelving then placing things ON the attached shelves, would basically crack the walls. I’m trying to use my imagination and find ways of storage that doesn’t involve hammers and nails. I am also attempting to section off areas of the room, so I have a drawing/painting area, sewing area, and crafting area. Not easy in a tiny room. First world problems I know, but still….

The above picture is a collage of randomly torn newspaper, placed into a recognisable shape, painted on, and drawn on. Circa 2011 or somesuch.

4 thoughts on “Still here..

  1. I have craft room envy. Even a work in progress, too much stuff, not enough storage, crappy craft room. Enjoy sorting it out. Or, avoid sorting it out, and just spend days looking at other people’s craft rooms on Pinterest. That’s like craftist porn for me.

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    1. Oh yes, I have spent many an hour “researching” storage solutions on Pinterest! haha. Right now (Sat am) its fairly organised, but still has that air of a workroom, rather than a pretty crafting space. Hrmph. 🙂


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