Stamping With Plastacine

plastacine and stamp pad

Good afternoon fellow Scribblers! I was clearning (Yup, its a made up word – clearing and cleaning = clearning, haha! Swift typo recovery there!) Anyway, I was in the room and came across some plastacine that I had bought ages ago, thinking I could practice some sculpture. Now this stuff does not harden, but stays soft, so that you can re-mould it over and over. I was wondering whether to keep it or give it away, since I’m not in the modelling mood anymore and lo and behold, i found this on Google –

plastacine stamp printing

Its a post from way back, but such a great idea that I thought i would try it out.

key I pressed a key into the lump of plastacine and patted it on the stamp pad

key stamp Took out the key and stamped it on the paper. brilliant!

lace  This is what Lace looks like

textured wallpaper Textured Wallpaper

plastic grid A plastic grid thingy


pen top Pen top dotted on the plastacine several times.

Now I could go on and on with the various textures I tried. I think my favourite is the wallpaper. On the site mentioned above, she used letters and other things to make shapes, as well as being able to make prints for colouring in – which I think is great. I’m not much of a stamper to be honest, but this is a lot of fun and costs practically pennies. I need to see if it works with paint, not ink (for the colours, y’see) and also, I wonder if it will work on fabric – gosh can you imagine the possibilities?!! I’m off to get busy with that sparkling idea!

Bye for now! 😀