Watercolour: The Afterthought Child

the afterthought child

This was inspired by a scene I saw in town today. A mother with two young kids, fawning all over one and practically disregarding the other one. Made me feel angry and sad. In fact I felt like going up to the mother and…and….but I didn’t. The wee one seemed resigned to her fate and just trotted along beside Mum quietly, while she (mum) chatted and sang to the other child.

Digital Art?


Hmm, digital art. I’m kind of divided about it….I think the technical effects are very good, and there is a lot you can do with it, but….its not *real* is it? I mean, I did this on my little tablet, using an art app called Sketch Guru. Its fun to use and I love the simplicity of this sketch.


But I can’t make this then hang it up. I mean, there isn’t even any skill involved. I used my finger and drew a few lines. The app did the linework and the shading.

blob monster 2

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not bashing digital artists, but…..when you have to press buttons or click effects to make art, I think you lose the soul of it.

Do I sound grumpy this morning? Apologies if I do. Its freezing cold – minus degrees outside and its almost half past nine in the morning. I need more coffee. And a duvet ๐Ÿ˜€


Macro Mushroom

Hello everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I was cooking pasta and mushrooms tonight (with quark cheese – yuck, gives me acid that stuff) and I noticed the beautiful lines inside the mushroom. So of course, as I am want to do, I grabbed my phone and took a quick snap shot.

macro mushroom

Something about the fine lines just fascinates me, so pretty. Bit ofย  a strange subject I suppose, but hey, the world is full of strange pretty things.

Little folk doll (with face)

Hello….I have totally fallen in love with the Motanka dolls of the Ukraine. Here is a picture of one I adore. These lovely little dolls are amulets for health and prosperity. The colours all mean something, and the material is all recycled from family and friends, thus capturing the happiness and luck from it, and passing it on. Its a wonderful sentiment. They have no faces on purpose so that the nasty spirits don’t think its a person and sneak in to bring bad luck.

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 21.10.22 (Link – its Russian though)

I have been trying to make something like it…..although clearly in my own odd style, haha! The material is all recycled, but thats as far as it goes….I just wanted it to look pretty. She looks very serious, so I doubt she will be passing on anything cheery ๐Ÿ˜€

folk doll

and here is her little baby

folk doll and baby

The baby looks cheeky. I think I prefer the baby to be honest – I might make more tiny ones rather than the larger size.

Bloomin’ Watercolours

Haha! I think that title was fairly amusing, since I played around with watercolour blobs this afternoon. Just splashing some water around, then dropping paint in so it blooms outwards. Leave to dry (takes a while), then draw what you see. Or make it up….like this blue Llama type thing

blue thing

Then we have the dogsย  – first the “Ohhhhh I have no biscuits!”

green dog

Then we have the “Did someone say Biscuits????”

pink dog

And finally we have the Hippy Guy, who just wants everyone to chill



More watercolour practice

Hello – its Friday! I hope you are making the most of your day – 1440 minutes I just found out. ooh!

Anyway, I thought I would paint the subject for Illustration Friday today – which is “Tool”. very appropriate, I thought since I’m painting – so I did a brush!


Then it all went to pot as I attempted some whimsical flowers

flower practice

Didn’t work so well – but hey I’m using tiny brushes and its haaaard! I just want to splodge and splatter, not be delicate. But its practice.

Watercolour Painting



Hello everyone! I hope you are all well ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a quick catch up here because its been a few days….

I have been painting watercolours, and its so hard to do! Being a surrealist, I find it very hard to paint an actual “thing”, instead I like to allow chance to play a large part, then use my imagination from there. Having to paint a landscape or still life with the grapes and flowers on a lacy tablecloth is……a tad tedious to say the least. I prefer to take photographs, like this one from a couple of years ago – so pretty.

purple hill

But I thought I would try and at least attempt to paint a *proper* landscape for a change, and I have to say that – while its not great – its not too bad for a first attempt.

purple hillwatercolour