Expanding Foam Part 2

Hello 🙂 Remember I told you about the expanding foam I bought last week and tried to do fun things with? Well, as I reported, the skin formed over it and despite trying to burst the skin over and over, nothing worked. This morning I woke to this

surrealist sculpture

I think its amazing! So random and weird, haha! Thing is, I can’t remove it from the drawer I sprayed it all into (Remember £8.99, use all at once? yeah…well this is what happens)

If only I could remove it – I would paint it funky colours and display it in the hallway.

5 thoughts on “Expanding Foam Part 2

    1. Thanks 😀 I was utterly put off by the experience at first, but I can’t help thinking of the possibilities, if I do it properly…..and I’ll check out the screwfix location. I’m pretty sure I won’t to have to look far, since they advertise enough! 🙂

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