Digital Art?


Hmm, digital art. I’m kind of divided about it….I think the technical effects are very good, and there is a lot you can do with it, but….its not *real* is it? I mean, I did this on my little tablet, using an art app called Sketch Guru. Its fun to use and I love the simplicity of this sketch.


But I can’t make this then hang it up. I mean, there isn’t even any skill involved. I used my finger and drew a few lines. The app did the linework and the shading.

blob monster 2

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not bashing digital artists, but…..when you have to press buttons or click effects to make art, I think you lose the soul of it.

Do I sound grumpy this morning? Apologies if I do. Its freezing cold – minus degrees outside and its almost half past nine in the morning. I need more coffee. And a duvet 😀


16 thoughts on “Digital Art?

      1. Yes, the wind is the worst. We have an old house with double glazing but whenever the wind blows, we may as well not have bothered! It howls around the rafters and makes you reach for the shawl and hot chocolate!

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  1. I know what you’re saying about the digital/button pushing aspect taking something away from the ‘art’ of it all, but I must disagree when you say that there isn’t any skill involved. This non-drawer couldn’t come up with any of the three sketches you just shared.

    Stay warm! It’s hard to scribble/doodle/cut and paste (with glue and scissors) with cold fingers!

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    1. Aww thank you! Yes, I suppose I’m such a hands on fiddly kind of person that I don’t think pixels can compare that well to paint. And yes, its bloomin’ freezing up here – where are you just now, back home? 🙂


      1. Home in southern Manitoba, Canada. It’s 10C right now and sunny. Time for me to get my gardening clothes on and get outside! Remind me where you are, please.

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      2. Don’t be too jealous. I just went outside and came right back in. There is still ice on the lake near us, and that keeps things pretty cool. Plan B – blogging and Netflix or Plan C – work on new quilt? LOL

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