Watercolour: The Afterthought Child

the afterthought child

This was inspired by a scene I saw in town today. A mother with two young kids, fawning all over one and practically disregarding the other one. Made me feel angry and sad. In fact I felt like going up to the mother and…and….but I didn’t. The wee one seemed resigned to her fate and just trotted along beside Mum quietly, while she (mum) chatted and sang to the other child.


7 thoughts on “Watercolour: The Afterthought Child

  1. It shows you’re a very observant person and a good person too. I love your artwork. I am sharing it on my blog called Children Are Our Future Now.

    Nice to meet you through WordPress. My name is Paulette Motzko and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada

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  2. Your art is beautiful, but I’m hoping what you may have observed is not actually the case. It would be sad if it were, but I hope not. Children are so fragile and need our love, time, and attention.

    I couldn’t have biological children. I could adopt. I also decided to have the one child, especially since he was a special needs child. I didn’t want to have another child that might over shadow this one. I certainly didn’t want to fawn over another child, and leave my special needs son lonely and feeling unloved.

    Blessings to the child that stood alone that day!

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    1. Its so terribly sad when a mothers attention is elsewhere and leaving a child feeling like this. Thank you for sharing your story regarding your child, it made me smile. I have two grown children and even now I try to be equal with them in all matters, because I just couldn’t live with myself if I felt like I had hurt one by not paying attention. I’m sure your son is a delight in your life, and you sound like a wonderful Mum! πŸ™‚


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