Keyring Fun!

cupcake key ringpoint1 disco doll keyringpoint1

yellow doll key ring happy blue doll

disco doll keyring keyring on keys

Hello everyone! Its 05.28 at the time of writing, and I’m up at this time because the sun is streaming through the window and a blackbird is singing joyfully in a nearby tree. Love these kind of mornings! :D. I finally had to get this post up once and for all, after struggling with image sizing for the past few days. I huffed and puffed and grumbled, blaming WP, technology in general, the sunshine, the rain – but then realised it was my photo editor that was the problem.(Doh!) Anyhow, here we are – a bunch of keyrings made from paper. I made about 25 all in, so  job well done I think. Most have been given away now, so I’m making some more after tweaking a few things. P.S, just for fun, I worked out how much I would sell these for if I were to account for labour, overheads and cost of materials. Guess how much each key-ring would cost the customer…….. £52.80!! ($77) hahaha!

Painted paper

Hello, good morning/afternoon everyone! I have been painting papers the past few days – well actually that’s not all I have been doing, there is so much going on behind me that I’m afraid to look. (I’m in the “Room of Doom” writing this, and I have dangerous amounts of water, paint, wet papers, and several apocalypse doll prototypes around. Not to mention the strings of beads and pendants waiting to be varnished. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off just watching reality tv and playing online bingo, like the media would have us believe a stereotypical woman of my age bracket does. And when I say age “bracket”, I’ll say that my bracket has a generous margin for error 😉 )

Anyway, painted paper, yes well I was doing that this morning, and I made this:


I just had to post it, because it looks so full of movement, do you agree? This is something I would have on my wall (if I had room, heh) I’m just really surprised at artful serendipity, that’s all. I’m not cutting up this one, thats for sure. Ok, enough babbling, back to work for me.

Colour me Friday

Hello! We took the dog out for a walk this evening, despite the rain. She (the dog) was quite willing, which is unusual for her – normally she is a bit of a diva and sits squarely down on her bottom and refuses to move when its wet. But this time she was bouncy and full of beans!

Anyway, as she chased the ball around, I noticed the flowers in the rain and how the droplets formed on the petals. (I was one of those kids who watched raindrops falling down the window pane, all running into each other) I’m not well versed in flowers but these were pretty







All these were done (quickly) on my camera phone, so quality isn’t great, but pretty colours all the same.

P.S. I’m working on a shop. An online one. And its not run by the one that sounds like “cheatsy”, oh no….this one is special. More to come. 😀

Paper Jewellery

Hello everyone! I know its Wednesday and I promised a post on Monday, but I’m here now, scatty as always – the ideas just kept coming, and…and…I couldn’t stop the roll.

So the past few days I have been cutting and gluing (being so careful of that dastardly knife!) and making paper beads and jewellery. Or Jewelry, as the Americans spell it.

A very nice man at the local hardware shop gave me 2 discontinued wallpaper sample books so off I trotted gleefully to play. I didn’t have jewellery in mind at first, but then I thought the pretty papers would look great as beads.


This is wallpaper beads, wooden beads and a cardboard bead. The wallpaper was a deep shiny blue and turquoise which I really like.


I really liked the cardboard bead so I made another one and painted it, adding a couple of shiny doo-dah things and a painted wooden bead.


This is a pendant made from cardboard, covered with wallpaper. A button and a shiny doo-dah thing finishes it off, and its strung on matching cord. After posting this, I noticed that the glue hasn’t quite dried up yet, ha! Sorry…how unprofessional of me 😀 It does dry clear, I’m just too enthusiastic.


A bracelet of wallpaper, glass bead, and cord. I’ll restring this because I don’t like the big knot. A proper silver fastening would look much neater – just experimenting.


I painted the paper for this one, just to see how it would look. Its quite vibrant – if you like red! Again I’ll restring this one.

So I have a ton of other beads and things to string up. The weather has turned for the worst now, so this will keep me occupied for a while. I won’t bore you with more pictures just yet though!





“Copyist” or Forger?

Hello everyone. I’m working on a proper post for tomorrow at some point, but I just came across this little article in Skynews.

Basically this guy is a master forger and is selling copies of the great paintings done by artists of old, like Picasso and such like. Now he isn’t saying they are originals, and the prices that he charges certainly don’t come close to the millions of pounds commanded by the originals……but apparently his lawyers have advised him to call himself a copyist, rather than a forger.

I say Pffft! to that.

If he is such a great artist who can replicate others – why he heck isn’t he painting his own damn stuff and selling THEM?

I believe that he did try at one point, to sell his own paintings –  but nobody bought them…..(aww bless, have a chocolate pickle.)

So….that’s my little rant over. I’m heading back to my original post for tomorrow, which I haven’t copied from anyone else and will have my very own photos and my very own words……. 😀


An overdue catch up

Heavens, its the middle of May (almost anyway) and I haven’t posted a single thing! I have a reason, I do….but first I wanted to show this little painting I did in 2004.


(Martian Rose – 2004)

This was inspired when Mr George Doublyerr Bush was in power and planning some weird exodus to Mars way back then. Also I have just watched a movie called Another Earth which is quite good (basically a sci fi about a duplicate earth in which we live parallel lives)

I’m showing this because I haven’t made a thing recently. Nope. Not one jot. Reason is that I had a fight with a Stanley Knife, and sliced my finger wide open. I’m fine, but…it means that crafting has to take a back seat for a bit – I’m not that dexterous that I can manage with just 9 fingers! Crafting will resume this week though because I’m getting a bit grumpy now 😀

So I hope you are all well – its a lovely sunny day here in Scotland, and I hope the same is wherever you are.