An overdue catch up


Heavens, its the middle of May (almost anyway) and I haven’t posted a single thing! I have a reason, I do….but first I wanted to show this little painting I did in 2004.


(Martian Rose – 2004)

This was inspired when Mr George Doublyerr Bush was in power and planning some weird exodus to Mars way back then. Also I have just watched a movie called Another Earth which is quite good (basically a sci fi about a duplicate earth in which we live parallel lives)

I’m showing this because I haven’t made a thing recently. Nope. Not one jot. Reason is that I had a fight with a Stanley Knife, and sliced my finger wide open. I’m fine, but…it means that crafting has to take a back seat for a bit – I’m not that dexterous that I can manage with just 9 fingers! Crafting will resume this week though because I’m getting a bit grumpy now πŸ˜€

So I hope you are all well – its a lovely sunny day here in Scotland, and I hope the same is wherever you are.


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  1. you poor thing, I hope your finger is healing well.
    I know what itΒ΄s like, my fingers are magically drawn to any sharp blade in my hands… ItΒ΄s been a while since I had any major accident though, mostly I stab my fingers slicing garlic or onions on a daily basis, lol. Luckily I donΒ΄t work with huge knives, meat cleavers or band saws anymore, I canΒ΄t even remember how many times I actually injured myself at work…
    I hope your finger is healing well, and be careful next time πŸ˜‰

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