Bubbles and bleugh

Hello, hello, yes I’m still here. I returned to my oil and water bubbles today, which was very fun.


The past few weeks I have been feeling in a bit of a funk creatively speaking. Everything I tried didn’t quite turn out right, and I became quite frustrated and annoyed with myself. So I had a huge purge of my stuff, threw a lot – and I mean a LOT of stuff out, and boxed up other things. If I don’t open those boxes in the next 6 month then they go out too. All I have left to play with is paint and paper, which is very refreshing. I walk into that room now and its so minimal. I have two tables – one for drawing on, and one for my paints. That’s it.


So of course, like the absolute doofus I am, I decide to start taking bubble photographs and ignore my lovely minimalist room!

But hey…we all need a change now and again don’t we 😀


Anyway, I do hope you are all well.



Paint Palette Art

paint palette art

Hello! Back again after a wee break. Hope you are all well – such a lot to catch up on, I see :D. Anyway, I opened up my watercolours this morning to have a bit of a dabble, and I saw this little guy (top left, in case you haven’t noticed) So of course I had to define him and take his picture for posterity!

I’m doing some one line doodle collages just now…..rather surreal, but fun to make. I haven’t done collages for years, so its nice to get something new down on paper.

Watercolour inkblot

I thought I would do a little watercolour today. Its an inkblot that I turned into a girl. I really tried to make her whimsical, but its not really “me”, as in my style. I’m more odd and abstract. A bit like my thinking mode, haha! Anyway, here she is. Butterfly Girl.

butterfly girl

Found Object, and, Abbott & Costello.

raf cross

I found this while we were out with the dog last night. We were walking through the grounds of the abbey on our way home when I saw this lying in the grass. It looked very forlorn, and was the only one of its kind that I could see, which I thought was a bit odd. I didn’t know what the words meant, so I took it home to Google it.

“Per Ardua Ad Astra” is the RAF Motto and it means Through Adversity to the Stars (which had me tearing up a little I must admit. I’m so bloomin sensitive!!) I don’t have any affiliation with the RAF, but I just thought this little Remembrance cross was so sweet. I’m going to put it back where I found it, because it means something special to someone.

(Also, to the man who told us off very angrily that we were walking across Abbott & Costello’s graves, I can assure you we weren’t. They were American, and I am quite sure that if by any extreme chance not of this earth, they were buried in this town, then it would certainly NOT be in the grounds of the Abbey! If we see you following us around town again waiting for a chance to wag your finger, I will have strong words with you and believe me, I won’t be as polite as my husband was.)

Making cakes

getting my ckes in a row

Not baking, making.

I’m getting nitchy to do something else now. *sigh* I wish I could be consistent and turn out one thing all the time, instead of chopping and changing direction. It drives me nuts, but then being creative is a process of learning and exploration I suppose. And I have so many ideas to bring to life, my brain is fizzling. This is why I’m dragging my heels over having a shop – it would be like a Bazaar. An online version of the Doom Room, haha!