Making cakes

getting my ckes in a row

Not baking, making.

I’m getting nitchy to do something else now. *sigh* I wish I could be consistent and turn out one thing all the time, instead of chopping and changing direction. It drives me nuts, but then being creative is a process of learning and exploration I suppose. And I have so many ideas to bring to life, my brain is fizzling. This is why I’m dragging my heels over having a shop – it would be like a Bazaar. An online version of the Doom Room, haha!


7 thoughts on “Making cakes

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It was once suggested to me that I start selling my cards but as soon as it became about work and money, the creative satisfaction waned and I got bored. I just wanted to create when I got the urge and in whatever direction that took me, not keeping to a rhythm or a specific design. These cakes look very good though! You’re getting better at it ☺️

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    1. Oh I am SO glad you understand! I feel like I am “churning” out keyrings right now. But thank you for the compliment! I do feel they are better as well, but…I’ve achieved what is in my head, and now I want to try something else. Arrgh! 😀

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      1. Yes, the spontaneity disappears doesn’t it? But you could go on to something else then return to these at a later date and by then you may have more ideas for different colour combinations or patterns?

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      2. Yes, thats exactly what happens….its like the ideas continue to grow and evolve while I’m busy doing other stuff, so when I get back to it months later, its like a whole new batch of “new and improved” items. (Doesn’t that sound like a soap powder advert?! :D)

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