Found Object, and, Abbott & Costello.

raf cross

I found this while we were out with the dog last night. We were walking through the grounds of the abbey on our way home when I saw this lying in the grass. It looked very forlorn, and was the only one of its kind that I could see, which I thought was a bit odd. I didn’t know what the words meant, so I took it home to Google it.

“Per Ardua Ad Astra” is the RAF Motto and it means Through Adversity to the Stars (which had me tearing up a little I must admit. I’m so bloomin sensitive!!) I don’t have any affiliation with the RAF, but I just thought this little Remembrance cross was so sweet. I’m going to put it back where I found it, because it means something special to someone.

(Also, to the man who told us off very angrily that we were walking across Abbott & Costello’s graves, I can assure you we weren’t. They were American, and I am quite sure that if by any extreme chance not of this earth, they were buried in this town, then it would certainly NOT be in the grounds of the Abbey! If we see you following us around town again waiting for a chance to wag your finger, I will have strong words with you and believe me, I won’t be as polite as my husband was.)

4 thoughts on “Found Object, and, Abbott & Costello.

    1. Oh thats interesting! I’d heard of them, but haven’t watched anything that they did. And yes, I think he did have mental health issues. I mean, considering he didn’t know us, he was asking which direction he had come from (although he knew perfectly well, since he had been following us and staring right throughout our walk) and THEN started getting irate about us walking over A & C’s graves. Quite disconcerting… Anyway, I have returned the cross to where I found it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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