Wall Art App fun!

So today, I discovered this app which is free, operates in your browser (so no downloads) and you can upload your art or photo’s to see how it looks in an actual room setting. I must say it puts a whole new perspective on things – although the rooms they have are limited, they now allow you to upload your own room to get a better idea of how your picture looks. Once you are happy, you can save the image. So I played around for a while, and came up with a few of mine. I must say now that the rooms are not my style, but hey….the pics look wonderful (if I do say so myself, heh!)






So yeah, I am well impressed with this. It really puts the image in context.

In the interest of science…

…..I thought I would add a negative filter to some *bad* decalcomania to see if any improvements could be made.  I was quite impressed with these how these turned out, even if they are a bit bright and fluorescent!



under the sea

Rainy Day Decals

Not that these depict rain in any way, but since there is nothing much else to do while the rain is whipping off the windows, and thunder and lightning rolls and flashes overhead, I just thought I would play a bit. Luckily we still have power. And internet 😀


I think this looks like a little landscape of water and grassy hillocks.

landscape decal pix

This could be another little landscape, with a path up at the top leading out of the frame. Gosh I do love decalcomania art, every piece is a surprise.

Pastel again

So this afternoon I did this. I have no idea what its meant to be – if anything – but I’m just practicing shading (and making a dusty ol’ mess). I don’t like the angle, its too sharp. It was meant to be a bit more rounded, not a corner. I also added flowers (to make it normal, y’know) which was a huge fail and its now in the bin. So…here, for the record, is the original version.

orange and grey pastel

Experimenting with pastel

Ok, so I haven’t used pastel in oh-so-many years, and I bought a small box the other week and began some small pieces. None of them looked very fine, so I put them aside and took out some acrylics. I wondered how the pastels would behave on top of paint, and started to draw and blend.

pastel balloon

“Where do escaped balloons go?” Acrylic and pastel A3

I think they look not too bad for a first go really. Ok, there isn’t much detail but the blending is so much better than pastel on paper itself, I think. And given this was done very quickly without much planning, I think the greens look quite nice on the blue paint.

Playing with Shadow

flower shadow

The sun streamed in through the window for a brief moment, casting a pretty shadow of a small vase of flowers, on the wall. I love those shapes…..

flower neg

The I turned it into a negative, just to see what it looked like.

Funny the things a person does while waiting for the kettle to boil for tea 😀

Decalcomania in Green

Hello, I have been having a bit of a green painting day today. I am trying to experiment with different textures in decalcomania, and these two happened to be the best (in my opinion, of course, you may think differently, heh!)

bubbles on the seabed1

This is called “Bubbles on the Seabed”

lost shoe1

And this is called “The Lost Shoe”

Macro Mother Nature

Hello, back again with some photographs. Playing with the macro setting again, and examining the details in some flowers I came across at a local park garden.

“What are you doing?” asked a young mother with a small child who had been niggling for ice cream but had been dragged over to “see the pretty flowers” instead

“I’m taking photos of flowers” I said, waving the camera to clarify the fact.

“Yes, but why are you so close to them?” she asked, trying to grab her child before he flew towards the now disappearing ice cream van.

“well, so I can get good detail shots of the petals” I said.

“But why?” a seriously puzzled look had appeared on her face now. “Its better to get a picture of them all isn’t it? Not just one petal?”

“Yes, but I like close up photographs”

“You must need glasses then” she said as she wandered off with her grumbly child.

Hrmph. Here we are, some close ups.

foxglove macro


curved flower



rose macrowhite macro flower

waterdrops leaf

symmetrical fern