July already?!

Gosh half way through the year…..scary stuff. This blog is 9 months old though which is quite good. Its been the most consistent thing I have stayed with all year, heh! Anyway, have another bubble


As I uploaded this, I had a quick browse through my media library and it was just a riot of colour with all the different projects I have tried. 😀


5 thoughts on “July already?!”

    1. Oh yes, a juice post would be nice – I have been making fruity smoothies every morning but I’m getting a bit bored now. Need some inspiration, heh heh – no pressure of course :D. And thank you for the lovely compliment on the bubble pic, yes, its like glass beads or something.

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      1. There are some juice recipes in the Menu – problem is, I mostly use Jason Vale’s juice recipes as they are nutritionally balanced and taste good. I can’t really improve on them. I’m doing his 3 Day juice challenge on Monday but doubling it to make it a week. I really recommend his juicing apps, they are really cheap and come with shopping lists, menu, recipes and coaching videos. You don’t have to do the full-on programme, just use the recipes wjenever you need them.


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