Macro Mother Nature

Hello, back again with some photographs. Playing with the macro setting again, and examining the details in some flowers I came across at a local park garden.

“What are you doing?” asked a young mother with a small child who had been niggling for ice cream but had been dragged over to “see the pretty flowers” instead

“I’m taking photos of flowers” I said, waving the camera to clarify the fact.

“Yes, but why are you so close to them?” she asked, trying to grab her child before he flew towards the now disappearing ice cream van.

“well, so I can get good detail shots of the petals” I said.

“But why?” a seriously puzzled look had appeared on her face now. “Its better to get a picture of them all isn’t it? Not just one petal?”

“Yes, but I like close up photographs”

“You must need glasses then” she said as she wandered off with her grumbly child.

Hrmph. Here we are, some close ups.

foxglove macro


curved flower



rose macrowhite macro flower

waterdrops leaf

symmetrical fern




13 thoughts on “Macro Mother Nature

  1. Haha she probably has her hands full all the time and doubtless rarely has/had the opportunity to exercise her creative muscles. I particularly like the one with the droplets of moisture. Been using mine too, loving the hd effect of the new camera.

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    1. This is true, but it was that last comment about the glasses that made me roll my eyes! Thanks, yes the drops are my favourite too. What does your hd filter do to the photos? It makes mine all fuzzy round the edges….

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      1. Haven’t played around with the filters yet, I tend to just learn what I need in order to do the basics and then learn as I go. But even the normal settings give a 3D effect compared to my older camera. So much sharper.

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  2. Goes to show that some people don’t have a clue how much more there is to nature than just some pretty flowers. Looking at a single petal or a leaf really close can reveal so much more beauty and ingenuity. I love macro-photography. We have a book that shows even single seeds or pollen from different flowers and they are really fantastic to look at. Your pictures are beautiful and they tell that you love nature in all it’s glory 😊

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    1. Aww thank you so much! Like @thejuicenut said, maybe she just doesn’t have time with a little one in tow, but she didn’t have to be mean about it. And yes, macro photography reveals a whole other world apart from what we see everyday. Thank you for the compliment! 😀

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      1. You’re quite welcome 😊. I know that it can be stressful with small children I had two boys only two years apart in age but that doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate beauty. Sometimes it is much better to try and show children something exciting like a beetle or butterfly and look at their faces when it is something they have never seen before. But I guess she must have had a bad day and that’s something everybody has to deal with now and then…

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      2. This is very true indeed. My two were 14 months apart in age, but I still tried to show them new things in the world. Must have worked, since they both love the outdoors. 🙂 Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for her.


    1. Thank you! Its a foxglove flower, and I looked up inside the bell bit. Only when I saw it up close, did I see the tiny scratches on the surface and imagined bumblebees having super sharp feet or high heels even! 😀 Who even thinks of these things….so weird, haha!

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