Experimenting with pastel


Ok, so I haven’t used pastel in oh-so-many years, and I bought a small box the other week and began some small pieces. None of them looked very fine, so I put them aside and took out some acrylics. I wondered how the pastels would behave on top of paint, and started to draw and blend.

pastel balloon

“Where do escaped balloons go?” Acrylic and pastel A3

I think they look not too bad for a first go really. Ok, there isn’t much detail but the blending is so much better than pastel on paper itself, I think. And given this was done very quickly without much planning, I think the greens look quite nice on the blue paint.


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      • The old chap on the TV, whose name escapes me, insisted that they should be called ‘paintings’. He explained that since pasTELs are nearly 100% pigment they are a lot more like paintings than drawings.
        That woman Stella always calls them drawings! Bah!…


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