Wall Art App fun!

So today, I discovered this app which is free, operates in your browser (so no downloads) and you can upload your art or photo’s to see how it looks in an actual room setting. I must say it puts a whole new perspective on things – although the rooms they have are limited, they now allow you to upload your own room to get a better idea of how your picture looks. Once you are happy, you can save the image. So I played around for a while, and came up with a few of mine. I must say now that the rooms are not my style, but hey….the pics look wonderful (if I do say so myself, heh!)






So yeah, I am well impressed with this. It really puts the image in context.

7 thoughts on “Wall Art App fun!

    1. It is brilliant isn’t it? On the site, people (artists) say they use it to show potential clients how their art looks on a wall, because simply having a basic pic doesn’t give a true idea of how its going to look in a room. And thanks for the comment about my pics – they really look like “art” now, don’t they? haha!


      1. What?… Fecund?…
        No, but it is very unfair that art seems to look better big, don’t you think? It’s like when trendy arty photographers can afford to have quite dull photographs printed up about 8 foot square to go in white painted galleries… Bah!…

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      2. I know! I mean, its ridiculous…do people think because something is giant size, its somehow “better”? I mean nobody in an average size house is going to hang an 8ft high picture now, are they? And when you go to a gallery, the prints they offer are only regular sizes…..like the Shirley Hughes one I got which is literally the size of a postcard, yet the framing costs were something I cannot repeat without a few expletives thrown in! šŸ˜€

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