Redness of Firey depths

So I did this Hairdryer paintingredness1

I thought it looked quite firey and red. Very red, actually. It reminded me of what hell might look like. So bizarrely, that led me to look up – of all things – to see if it was available (my mind works in strange ways). It was “available for rent or purchase”. So then I looked up

“Error. Server not available.”

The moral of the story seems to be that even in Cyberspace, God is not for sale, whereas the Devil will do anything for money.


(Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. No religious offence is intended or implied)


Hairdryer painting….

No I’m not going to show you a boring still life of hair accessories! I have been carrying on with my poured poster paintings, and liking the results but hating the multitude of air bubbles that crack open as the paint dries (which has taken about 3 days, dontchya know)

So I took a hairdryer to this one…

blue stripey

….and ended up with this……

water swirl

Looks quite cool really, but I think I’m done with these for now. I’m working on some watercolour and ink things……Spirographs actually. I picked up a set in a charity shop so I’m making pretty designs.

Pouring paint experiments


Hi!! How ARE you? Want to see what I’ve been doing recently? Well, come and have a seat and I will show you. Ok, so…..I have recently been looking at pouring paint videos on Youtube and the results are really pretty and so much fun to do. Thing is, you need a special medium to mix with the acrylic paint in order to make it flow (acrylic paint dries really fast). I don’t actually like mediums because they stink to high heaven and you really have to be careful not to get it on your skin. Plus its not something you can use with kids – well I wouldn’t anyway.

So, I thought I would use what I have already. I chose my bright colourful poster paints, that I was using for paper mache projects. I poured it onto canvas to see what would happen.




I like the way the colour keeps itself clean and doesn’t blend immediately with the other colours.

I dried it with a hairdryer to quicken the process (because I’m impatient like that) and it took less than an hour.


It dries matte, which I don’t like as it shows the texture of the canvas through. It looks much better when its wet.



When I did leave it alone to dry in its own good time (about two days), it develops air bubbles. Not a good look.

I have seen people simply diluting acrylic paint with water, but really, the amount of paint you need is ridiculous PLUS about 2/3 of it gets wasted down the plughole (bad eco vibes there), AND the loss of colour vibrancy, is just not my idea of fun at all. I do prefer the poster paint idea if I can get to loving the matte textured look and sitting drying it for nearly an hour. Hmmm, big ask. But anyway, it was fun and I’m glad I did it for the learning curve.



Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Its pouring with rain here, so today I thought I would play with some fractals. Now I know I have said before that I prefer traditional art to digital art, but y’know…. sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone and join the real world, haha! So I played around with an old program called Fractal Domains, and did these two:



And of course I had to play with the new wall art app toy that I found, and put them in situ…. (The room is not mine)