Oh hello!

Yes, I know, its been so very long since I posted – over 20 days. I’m sorry. Have a collage


Thing is, I have really been in a stuck place creatively speaking. My muse, Matilda,

matilda2Decided to run away


So I really didn’t know what to do with myself


I played and painted, tried some collage – didn’t work. I don’t like playing with other peoples images really. I tried to make some of my own collage bits, didn’t work either.


So then I fell back on my beloved Decalcomania. And wondered if I could enhance that somewhat. So I did a little balloon, because I adore balloons.


So I’m back….. *waves to new followers*


13 thoughts on “Oh hello!

  1. Oh good. Was about to send out the St Bernards! You don’t have tomproduce a masterpiece every time you know, you could just post about what’s going on in between bouts of inspiring creativity. You could even chnage direction a little, let your block evolve a little. Mine has completely taken over the steering wheel πŸ˜„ Hope you’re ok. My turn to go awol next week, post explanation tomorrow. Good to see you back πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. Hiiiiii! Yes, I could just post the in between bits – but I guess that’s what Twitter and Instagram are for. I’m going to start being more active on there. Plans, plans. Yes, I see your posts all over there (ha!) and think omg, lookit ALL the foooooood! Good for you spreading the foodie love! πŸ˜€ I’ll wait and see tomorrow what exciting (?) plans you have for next week.

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      1. The thing is many people who read your blog won’t necessarily have Insta or Twitter accounts or follow you there even if they did. In the main, I find they are completely separate groups of people. Glad you’ll be posting more there. It is fun, but sooo addictive, I never imagined Inwould be this busy on social media – to think, 4 years ago I gave up FB and no online presence at all. Not quite sure what happened really! πŸ˜„

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      2. This is true, yes…..I really should have a think about it. For a while I linked the blog to all these things, so they would all post at the same time. Trouble is, I hated the idea of duplicate postings, so disabled them again. But THEN I felt a bit overwhelmed at the idea of posting unique & original stuff everywhere (gosh this sounds like a whinge, sorry!) so I thought I’d stick with the blog only. Now I’m all back on track, I feel like I want to scatter bits of my life all over the place like cherry blossom, haha! I was going to ask how on earth you found the time to be so prolific?! I’m in awe πŸ˜€

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      3. Sometimes I rotate between sites so there is something different and posts on Insta and Twitter can only tell a small piece of the story, so having your blog address in your profile is good so people can go and take a look. I am finding different kinds of posts appeal to different groups and beginning to gear them accordingly. I still can’t crack FB though! My post tomorrow will shed some light on my work-rate. I may email if I get time, family events this weekend ☺️


      4. Hmm yes, but not on here, as it would take up too much room with text and pictures. I have thought about Youtube, but then I have been thinking that since I started on here, haha! But yes, video is better I think, then link it here. πŸ™‚

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