I know your face…



Have you ever had someone say that to you – usually accompanied with a quizzical look as they try to place where they have seen you before. Or maybe you saw someone vaguely familiar and are trying to remember their name (before you embarrass yourself by calling them Bob. Or John)

This test wonders if you can spot a familiar face – namely criminals!. Greenwich University is looking for “super recognisers”  together with Metropolitan Police, who need more people who can recognise criminals from CCTV or blurry photographs, and the test is the first step towards a promising career in spotting faces.

I, sadly, am not not one of them. A spotter, that is – not a criminal, ha!

Hubby and I tried and scored 8 out of the 14 available mug shots. Of course, I would have done much better if he hadn’t kept saying “no, no, not that one, its him…click it, click it!”. What happens  on the test is you spend a few seconds studying the face, then try to spot it in a group of other faces. Its actually really really hard…..

How do you recognise someone?

Is it that they wear glasses? Their hair? The fact they have a large nose? I mean, most distinguishing features can be altered, removed, added (perhaps not the large nose)….even wearing a hat can totally change someone beyond recognition. Hmm, food for thought. I once wore something in the summer, and nobody recognised me. My face was the same, my hair was the same…..just that I wore a different style of clothing than I normally do, and people I knew walked by me without a word of hello. Very strange. Anyway, take the test and see if you can do better than 8 🙂

21 thoughts on “I know your face…

  1. I embarrassed myself when I bumped into a neighbour from home in the town where I was currently a student. I was with my then fiancé. I chatted and I chatted, asking him what he was doing here, how long for, blah blah,I even invited him to our engagement party that evening – but I couldn’t remember his name and all this time my fiancé is standing there like a lemon amd the other guy is waiting to be introduced and I couldn’t!!

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    1. Or how about the awkward moment when you are with you fella, and you bump into your friend and his girlfriend. You introduce your fella to the girlfriend, but then you get stuck on your own friend’s name! How can you forget your own friend’s name?! #awkward

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  2. This was so interesting! Thanks for sharing! I got 10 out of 14. It was hard, though.
    But I guess there must be some traces that make people more recognizable. I’ve lost count of how many times I was mistaken by someone else. Even here in the US it’s happened a lot.

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    1. Its unusual isn’t it? The test I mean – and SO hard to do, haha! Well done on the score. Sometimes its a struggle to even recognise a celebrity out of context, and we see them all the time on TV or in magazines…

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