Hurtling out of the Comfort Zone Again!

Well hello everyone! How are you all? Let me present my newest obsession…


Geometric painting.

Now I’m not yet done with collage, oh no…..but I did want to try something a bit different. See, this is what I do….(for new followers) I get all interested in something, try it out for a while until I feel I have learned it, then I move on to something else. The collages were/are a joy but I still feel its not *my* work, y’know…from start to finish.

I wanted to get back to painting, and I was in the mood for bold bright colours, to brighten up this gloomy cold weather (and world mood, heh!) that seems to have descended upon us.

So, as I’m into abstracts, and normally I paint amorphous shapes, I thought I would practice some hard edge lines. Now, as this is my first one, its still got a way to go as far as the clean fine lines go, but its big, bold, and bright – the canvas is quite large (for me, anyway, 50 cm x 70 cm). It took two days, and now I understand why geometric artists don’t do circles. Circles are a killer to paint! Also I’m seeing now that the “horizon” could do with some levelling up….I can’t see that on the actual painting because I’m too close to it. But hey, I’m quite pleased with it for a first go.

Why, hello Scotland!


We just came back from a few days away. Well….it was supposed to be a “few”, but turned out only to be two. Saturday, Sunday, returning Monday. Now we actually went because of the dog. Let me explain….in a word, Fireworks.

Fireworks are the bane of our lives. From the last week or so in October, through to the middle of November, these things are let off randomly around where we live. Not including the big main “event” on the 5th. Our dog is terrified of them, and scrabbles on the floor, runs around the house, hides in the darkest cupboards, in an effort to escape. She shakes and  pants and panics so much, its awful to watch. So, this year we booked a little place in the middle of nowhere, in an effort to get away from them.

It was a log cabin, surrounded by hills and water. (not the cottage pictured though)



Lovely walks in Autumnal woods




Being here was so relaxing and peaceful. But there were still fireworks. So we came home again. Because thats what we do. So far the night seems quiet, so fingers crossed. But the colours at this time of year are quite stunning – my phone doesn’t do them justice, sadly. But still….I love the countryside.


Hubby allowed me to post this – only because “its the back view” he said. He isn’t keen on getting his photo taken, ha!

In Which We Walk To and Fro (Collage)


I enjoyed making this one – it reminded me of my ridiculous sense of direction. As in I have none. I’m one of those people who cringe if people ask me where a place is, I usually wave vaguely in the general direction of it. (To be fair, the people who ask are normally in cars, and I walk everywhere, so I know of shortcuts, but not roads). Also – now this is bizarre, I admit….but whenever I leave a shop to go into the street, I always turn right. No matter if my destination is the opposite way. Then I just stop and turn around or cross the road if need be, but I always turn right. Even if disembarking a bus or a train, I turn right – I’m going to smack into a wall at this rate, I swear!


All about the boy (Collage)


This has to be my most favourite collage I have made this week. I love the boys expression as he feeds the bird. This collage lark is really quite fun, and it ends up being quite intuitive. and unplanned. I choose a few images that I like at that moment and try to work them together. Most of the time I end up rummaging around for other bits and bobs that I think might work well and not even use the original images I chose. For example, the boy  was going to be sitting on an iceberg in the middle of Space, but I didn’t like the colour combination. So I gave him a flying bird ( an eagle at one point). I spotted this bird amongst the papers I had and loved the way the head looked quizzically backwards, so put the boy on its back as if they were looking at each other. Then I figured it would be really quite cute if the boy had something in his hand, so I gave him a seed (its garlic really, but it looks like a seed) The hand is from a charity shop fashion magazine and was part of a woman with her hands on her hip, all sultry (pfft!) so I chopped off her arm, turned it upside down and put the bird on it. And the background is the sky from a car advert. So it all goes together quite well visually – even though there is no particular message or meaning. Its just fun.



I have been trying out Instagram – basically just to see, y’know? I put up a few new collages I made, and there have been a few likes, but……


…I dunno. I mean, its alright, if you just want a show and tell, and for people to clap  like your stuff, but its not blogging. I do like blogging I must admit.


Its the social-ness of blogging I enjoy – the comments and making friends. With Instagram its just a click and move on. Maybe I’m not being fair, after all its only been a few days, but still…..

Do you use Instagram? if so, what do you like about it and am I just being mean, haha!

If you want to follow me there the link is @scribbleartie