I have been trying out Instagram – basically just to see, y’know? I put up a few new collages I made, and there have been a few likes, but……


…I dunno. I mean, its alright, if you just want a show and tell, and for people to clap  like your stuff, but its not blogging. I do like blogging I must admit.


Its the social-ness of blogging I enjoy – the comments and making friends. With Instagram its just a click and move on. Maybe I’m not being fair, after all its only been a few days, but still…..

Do you use Instagram? if so, what do you like about it and am I just being mean, haha!

If you want to follow me there the link is @scribbleartie


8 thoughts on “Hmmm…Instagram

  1. Sorry only just seen this. As you know, I linked my blog to Instagram a few months ago and it was slow at first but now I get dozens of likes every day and lots of comments – including yours, for which thank you 😊 You really need to interact with other Instagrammers and put lots of descriptive hashtags on your posts as many people search by topic. Also, if you use particular brands of art/craft materials that work well, tag them too and your posts will get a wider audience since they will usually comment as well. You need to be patient (haha), it will happen and don’t forget to mention your blog in your posts so you get referral traffic. Hope this helps.

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    1. Ahh right, so you just treat it the same as a blog then, for the most part? I realise I may be being a tad harsh, as its only been an experimental few days on there, and I am just getting used to it. Point taken about the hashtags – I still need to work on that bit, and also the actual materials…hmm thats a good point too. *sigh* Gosh its hard work being on the internet! 😀 Also, when you say you linked your blog to Instagram, is that the dot com bit? Or WP?

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      1. The whole blog address. On Insta, if you go into Edit Profile and scroll down, you’ll come to web address, write in your full blog address and it will appear under your photo on your home page. Some people publish really long posts with their photo like a blog, but for the main part it’s a fairly brief message about the photo followed by hashtags, if you want people to see the full post put ‘see blog, link in bio’.

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      2. Thank you! I did see one really long post the other day but all the hashtags within it were kind of off putting to read. I’ll do the “see blog” bit. Oh wait…I’d better edit my recent blogpost to make it a bit more Insta Friendly – can’t be having new viewers thinking I’m being anti-Instagram! 😀

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  2. My favorite is the little boy. So whimsical. Yeah, I’m not a big Instagramer. I think it’s a cocktail kind of social media. You meet someone, smile and move on, generally forgetting them in an instant. I agree about blogging. It’s more substantive. Perhaps that’s why it takes longer to build, but it’s worth it.


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