All about the boy (Collage)


This has to be my most favourite collage I have made this week. I love the boys expression as he feeds the bird. This collage lark is really quite fun, and it ends up being quite intuitive. and unplanned. I choose a few images that I like at that moment and try to work them together. Most of the time I end up rummaging around for other bits and bobs that I think might work well and not even use the original images I chose. For example, the boy  was going to be sitting on an iceberg in the middle of Space, but I didn’t like the colour combination. So I gave him a flying bird ( an eagle at one point). I spotted this bird amongst the papers I had and loved the way the head looked quizzically backwards, so put the boy on its back as if they were looking at each other. Then I figured it would be really quite cute if the boy had something in his hand, so I gave him a seed (its garlic really, but it looks like a seed) The hand is from a charity shop fashion magazine and was part of a woman with her hands on her hip, all sultry (pfft!) so I chopped off her arm, turned it upside down and put the bird on it. And the background is the sky from a car advert. So it all goes together quite well visually – even though there is no particular message or meaning. Its just fun.

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