Hurtling out of the Comfort Zone Again!

Well hello everyone! How are you all? Let me present my newest obsession…


Geometric painting.

Now I’m not yet done with collage, oh no…..but I did want to try something a bit different. See, this is what I do….(for new followers) I get all interested in something, try it out for a while until I feel I have learned it, then I move on to something else. The collages were/are a joy but I still feel its not *my* work, y’know…from start to finish.

I wanted to get back to painting, and I was in the mood for bold bright colours, to brighten up this gloomy cold weather (and world mood, heh!) that seems to have descended upon us.

So, as I’m into abstracts, and normally I paint amorphous shapes, I thought I would practice some hard edge lines. Now, as this is my first one, its still got a way to go as far as the clean fine lines go, but its big, bold, and bright – the canvas is quite large (for me, anyway, 50 cm x 70 cm). It took two days, and now I understand why geometric artists don’t do circles. Circles are a killer to paint! Also I’m seeing now that the “horizon” could do with some levelling up….I can’t see that on the actual painting because I’m too close to it. But hey, I’m quite pleased with it for a first go.


10 thoughts on “Hurtling out of the Comfort Zone Again!

  1. I’m quite pleased with it too. I bet it looks more impressive in real time. The size of post-modern art is as important as the shapes they explore–I think. In Portland we visited the Andy Warhol exhibit at the museum. I’ve not been much for him in the past, felt he was overrated. But seeing those prints and lithographs in person and all together made a difference. It was a live, resounding voice out of 1960’s pop culture America and it vibrated with electricity. Does that sound pretentious? Well, so be it. I really enjoyed it. I also enjoy when I can taught a little bit of a lesson. I don’t want to be small minded. This is fun. Explore the muse where it takes you, yes? I love that.

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    1. Thank you! It does look better in real life – even my husband said I should hang it up in the hallway, and he NEVER says things like that! (He is supportive, but suggests changes I could make – with this, he didn’t). Oh I am so envious of your museum visit – I do like museums and galleries in general, but to see the likes of Warhol et al, would be amazing. Visiting Portland is on my bucket list, since it seems to be chock full of creativeness!

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      1. I love that about your husband. So sweet. It’s what keeps a marriage fresh and integrated. Portland is a creative and very liberal city. I loved it. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place. If you plan on being there, I’ll join you.

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    1. Well I tried making a stencil for mine (2nd time around) out of a plastic folder, and it was ok, but bled underneath a bit, despite taping it down. I’m trying to get the nice crisp edge that I admire in lino cuts. Its all part of the learning process, I suppose! But thanks, yes I quite like this one.

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      1. Are you using sloppy thin paint and letting it splosh around then? Looking at the piece I thought that it looked like thicker brushed-on paint and was puzzled by your saying that the circles were diff.

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      2. I am using paint from the tube and only wetting my brush once. The very edge of the colours are bleeding feather-like into the next colour. I’ll send you a zoomed in shot to show you what I mean.


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