Hello and update

I’m still here…..I just haven’t been able to post anything, due to…..well let me start at the beginning.

Son returned from his worldly travels. He got himself a place to stay but didn’t like it, so came to stay here, with us. This was all rather sudden and unexpected, so basically I had to turn daughters room into his room, because his room is the Room of Doom (aka my workspace/studio/haven of peace and quiet) So changing daughters room involved laying a brand new floor,(which I did ALL by myself) and refurnishing the place. Plus turfing the remainder of her stuff into the Room of Doom. And its a LOT of stuff.

I can’t see the floor. Of my  doomroom, I mean.

Which means I can’t get creative.

Which means I’m getting a little cranky.

However, I have managed to squeeze in a little bit of space to paint some large carpet tubes. These are made of cardboard (which I hacked into pieces with a kitchen breadknife, because I can’t locate my hacksaw just now…..)

So I will hopefully have something to show tomorrow – I have an art crush on the colourful  folk art of Mexico Google image link so I’m thinking if I painted the tubes like this, and squeezed them into my rescued wire wine rack (Google Image), I could have a place for storing brushes and pencils etc instead of using pencil cases.

So big hugs to you all – and hello to new followers. I promise I’ll be back with some colourful show and tells! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hello and update

  1. Oh my goodness, well at least he didn’t come back accompanied like some I know who shall remain nameless – I’m beginning to understand my dad’s reasoning behind moving into a one-bedroom flat with no garden so his children couldn’t keep coming back 😄 I was going to give you this week to get over your cold then I was going to send out the St Bernards! Glad you’re gettng back to creating. Look forward to seeing your efforts. We are like headless chickens trying to get our house sorted for unexpected visit of smalls tomorrow- their playroom is momentarily a cross between a pqcking warehouse and Santa’s grotto!

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    1. Oh good lord! Your house sounds almost as bad as mine, haha! yes, a one bedroom flat seems very attractive right about now! And the option for returning with company was very much on the cards, until he saw sense and realised that he had better get himself sorted out before he starts collecting himself a whole bunch of (adorable) responsibilities, along with a lawfully wedded (or welded, as I put it, ha!) wife. 🙂

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  2. Sweet wine rack! And those Mexican folk art animals are sick. I’ll take one for Christmas, please. That is if you’re taking orders. No, I know you said you were going to paint the tubes for your wine rack, but stretch yourself, for me, pleeeaaase? Just kidding. xo

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    1. Ohmygosh! Now I wish I did paper cache animals, haha! And the cardboard tubes don’t fit in the wine rack, so now I have pretty tubes fit for no purpose :(. Never mind, I’m painting something else which is looking quite cool, so I will show that this week. And thank you for your support – it means a lot! 🙂

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