Experimental painting


So I thought I would try and see how a decalcomania painting of mine would look on a wall….(this is not my room….its just a random wall art app). I think it looks alright in a larger size really.



This is the painting in a close up…..quite abstracty and minimalist I think.

Decalcomania 2017

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well 😀 I realised with a bit of a shock that today is practically the end of January already, and its been a week since I blogged. I want to share my first (of the year) Decalcomania with you. As regular readers will know, I have a bit of an obsession with this art form, and practice it fairly regularly as in here and here and oh, lets have this one too I also mess around with them to achieve weird effects like this.

But these are two I did this week


This looks a bit like water tumbling around the bottom of a cliff face, don’t you think? or maybe a little riverbank and some (blotchy) leaves are being blown into the stream.


And these could be steps….maybe leading up to the cliff? Or steps carved out from a mountain.

Either way, I adore the 3D effect of Decalcomania.



Hello! Gosh its cold today isn’t? Hope you are all wrapped up.

So I thought I would show a couple of pics I have put on my Instagram recently. They are what I call “scribbleart”, for want of a better description.


Its simply scribbling some shapes on paper (I use the back of wallpaper samples for this because they are large, and why use decent paper anyway for a scribble?) then I find some shapes I like and embellish them into something resembling a narrative. Its a great way to relax and silence the inner critic.


Of course, the odd shapes can present some usual creatures! 🙂


Tissue Paper Dyed Fabric

Whoot!! I am so excited to get this post out – the first *proper* one of the year (thank goodness) I had an empty house today so got busybusy!

Ok, so this is fabric dyed with bleeding tissue paper. The fabric is actually a white duvet cover that has been laundered to within an inch of its life (charity shop purchase, £1.00. Loving the recycling and giving it another life, but y’know, I’m a bit OCD with the “launderation” of these things.


Isn’t this so pretty? Against the orange wall and the light coming in from the window on the left. Oh yes, loving this! (P.S there is nobody under there, I swear)

Here are the steps if you want to try this yourself:


Get yourself some white fabric and some bleeding tissue paper (I got mine from the poundshop at….well, £1.00, obviously!) Also, we are dealing with water here, so get some waterproof covering for your table, like plastic bags or a large bin bag for refuse. Even if you cover your surface with paper, you can end up with very pretty paper for another project!


You can just keep it one colour or loads of different colours if you want. Remember it bleeds so you don’t want muddy bleugh colours. Wet it down and flatten with a roller


I used a spare roller that I had from painting the wall, but a rolling pin, bottle of water, can of beans works just as well.


Keep folding and flattening until its like this, and then leave it for a couple of hours so the tissue paper soaks in.

(The next step is going to be a bit messy, so grab some gloves if you don’t want inky fingers!)

Unroll the cloth and dry with a hairdryer. (Or you could leave it overnight to air dry) The hairdryer dries the tissue paper and also seals in the colour. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Tumble drying this project will cause fire! I will not be buying you a new tumble dryer or a new house if you do. Sorry for the bossy voice, but three guesses why I don’t have a tumble dryer……

Anyway, moving on……you take your newly coloured and dried cloth and iron it. This again seals the colour – although its not totally waterproof. I mean….the colour won’t run if it gets splashed, but don’t go sewing up a bathing costume or anything. 🙂

Close ups of the colours….



So there you have it. Unique fabric that you can cut and sew to your little hearts content. 😀



Finally ready

Ok so, I may actually be ready to do some major work on the creative front. Since the last post, I have changed the room around and basically halved it – putting all my supplies against one wall, and having the rest of the room clear to do art stuff. I painted one wall orange – because I had some weird bohemian mood strike me and thought orange with teal, etc would be so lovely. Sadly I had an accident whereby most of the orange paint ended up all over the floor, so i had to scrub it all off before proceeding.



This is the colour “sunset orange”. I did not make the butterfly, its a clip on christmas decoration.


This is the “supply wall” I know it still looks pretty messy, but I know where everything is. Its the back wall so you don’t see it unless you actually enter the doorway and into the room. This is the colour that spilled onto the floor. Nice…..

In other news, I got myself a Bamboo steamer – basically a basket in which you shove place gently all manner of healthy goodness into it, and cook in a large pot of boiling water.


In here was seabass, spinach, mange tout, peppers and more spinach. Tonight will be chicken, spinach, veggies and spinach. 🙂

So there we go. Thats what I have been up to. Tonight/tomorrow will be the start of creativeness!

Oh this is ridiculous!


(Bookshelf & Wall immediately where the door is)

Almost halfway through the first month of the new year, and here I am still dithering around with an art room that I haven’t settled into yet. I have been moving things around since January 1st, seriously! Pinning things up, taking things down, shoving desks up against one wall, leaving them for a few days while I sit on the floor with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other trying to “be an artist” and feel inspired.

Its too tidy.

Thats the problem.

I work in a mess usually. (I’m being open and transparent here!). From chaos, I make art. Usually on the floor, or squished up amidst a heap of other unfinished projects. Inspiration flows, ideas fuse and meld together, and another new “thing” is born. I can’t d0 pretty. I’m not a Pinterester person. I don’t do Instagram Rooms. *sigh* My house is lovely – the rooms that are on public view, yes, fit for anything. But….MY space reflects my busy mind. (Did you like that turn of phrase? Busy mind….not scatty or distracted…busy!)

So anyway. I thought if I break the ice now….maybe….I can do something useful.


(Drawing/painting corner next to the window, facing the door. Stack of art supplies is in the boxes next to the chair – need to move them. Brown bag holds more pens and pencils.)


(Sewing corner – white cover on the sewing machine. Textiles and sewing stuff is under the table/next to it.)

So thats all I am brave enough to show right now. I’m thinking I might change it, because it still doesn’t feel right. But I had to do this and get it out there.

The walls look nice though……ha!


Walk, Stroll, Ramble, March…..


So, just a quick post of one of my *other* resolutions for this year, which is to walk a minimum of 1,000 miles. Over the year this means a daily minimum of 2.79 miles. Yesterday I did 5 miles, and today I have already done 4.5 (before dinner time.)

This is quite a big deal because although I love being outside, I get tired really easily due to thyroid medication I’m on. (Had the big C a few years ago, and they whipped out my thyroid , replacing it with meds. I’m fine now, 4 years and counting, yayy!) So this year I’m determined to be consistent with walking several miles a day and surpassing the self challenged 1,000 miles.

(There might also be the bonus of beating hubby, who manages to scuttle over hill and dale with ease and still wants to go further after a cuppa!)

Happy new year!!


Hello my fellow Scribblers! Welcome to 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays, and are enjoying the last vestiges of the celebrations. We went for a walk with the dog on this lovely sunny day – building up an appetite for dinner, oh yes.

I had a birthday in the past week, and we went to the beach! I wouldn’t have thought of that as a fun day, winter on the beach, but it was a really good day after all, ha!

SO! Have you made resolutions? I have, oh yes. Making ALL the things! My Doom Room is almost ready (I have to say that it has shrunk from an entire room, to a couple of desks and  the rest-of-the-room.) This year is going to be full of projects, recycling ideas, and very healthy frugal living. Some travel tales will be included as we have plans to visit a few places. All very exciting. (Well to me, anyway)

I love that I will be sharing all this with you, and I am SO looking forward to it! 🙂

Cheery-Bye for now!