Walk, Stroll, Ramble, March…..


So, just a quick post of one of my *other* resolutions for this year, which is to walk a minimum of 1,000 miles. Over the year this means a daily minimum of 2.79 miles. Yesterday I did 5 miles, and today I have already done 4.5 (before dinner time.)

This is quite a big deal because although I love being outside, I get tired really easily due to thyroid medication I’m on. (Had the big C a few years ago, and they whipped out my thyroid , replacing it with meds. I’m fine now, 4 years and counting, yayy!) So this year I’m determined to be consistent with walking several miles a day and surpassing the self challenged 1,000 miles.

(There might also be the bonus of beating hubby, who manages to scuttle over hill and dale with ease and still wants to go further after a cuppa!)

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