Oh this is ridiculous!


(Bookshelf & Wall immediately where the door is)

Almost halfway through the first month of the new year, and here I am still dithering around with an art room that I haven’t settled into yet. I have been moving things around since January 1st, seriously! Pinning things up, taking things down, shoving desks up against one wall, leaving them for a few days while I sit on the floor with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other trying to “be an artist” and feel inspired.

Its too tidy.

Thats the problem.

I work in a mess usually. (I’m being open and transparent here!). From chaos, I make art. Usually on the floor, or squished up amidst a heap of other unfinished projects. Inspiration flows, ideas fuse and meld together, and another new “thing” is born. I can’t d0 pretty. I’m not a Pinterester person. I don’t do Instagram Rooms. *sigh* My house is lovely – the rooms that are on public view, yes, fit for anything. But….MY space reflects my busy mind. (Did you like that turn of phrase? Busy mind….not scatty or distracted…busy!)

So anyway. I thought if I break the ice now….maybe….I can do something useful.


(Drawing/painting corner next to the window, facing the door. Stack of art supplies is in the boxes next to the chair – need to move them. Brown bag holds more pens and pencils.)


(Sewing corner – white cover on the sewing machine. Textiles and sewing stuff is under the table/next to it.)

So thats all I am brave enough to show right now. I’m thinking I might change it, because it still doesn’t feel right. But I had to do this and get it out there.

The walls look nice though……ha!


10 thoughts on “Oh this is ridiculous!

  1. I thought long and hard before I could bring myself to click Like! πŸ˜„ It’s a great post, but you see, I’m the exact opposite, I have to have a clear space in order to create and I would have all that off the walls in a trice and all the surfaces cleared and no clashing patternsπŸ˜‚ Ohhh I feel so twitchy, I think OCD is kicking in ….

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    1. haha! Sorry I made you twitch :D. Well, its really weird because I’m like that with the rest of the house – its all very minimal and spacious with no clutter at all, but…..my “workroom” well…..clearly I like busy. Busy is fun. And also, I was going to paint the walls burnt orange, just fyi. I was forcibly restrained, much to my annoyance. *ahem* But thank you for overcoming your OCD and clicking like. I do appreciate that. πŸ™‚


      1. I wanted deep yellow and was talked out of it, so we got tester after tester of all shades of cream, off-white and palest yellow, I hated them and eventually hb got fed up going back for more testers and gave in! But ‘my’ room is also the children’s playroom and where we house the printer, so it’s not just kine, I should think if your workroom is yours you should be able to paint it what you like?? 😜

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      2. Deep yellow sounds so warm and cosy! All the rest of my place is kind of pastel shades which is nice and clean looking but I wanted something a bit more funky and vibrant for my room. I think thats why I went mad on the walls. Tester pots you say….? hmmm…..interesting. πŸ˜€

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      3. Be careful with them, we discovered to our cost that they don’t cover if you go with a lighter shade. It took 9 coats of white to cover a light turquoise on the chimney breast and I can still see the outline of it! It’s a good job we did go with the yellow in the playroom because we would have had the same problem there. When we phoned them up they said you’re supposed to test them on a piece of card!! But it doesn’t say so on the pot and what’s the point of that, you’re not going to paint card with it!

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    1. Oh god, you have no idea. Yesterday I spilled an entire tin of orange paint all over the floor. I was painting one wall, just one, and it sat on a shoogly table, which of course I knocked over by accident. So yes, I need to sort myself out, leave things well alone and get creating!

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      1. Haha! Yes shoogly is a good word. Applies to anything unsteady, but used mostly for those about to lose their job through scandalous behaviour. “Yer jackets on a shoogly nail, there, Bob. You’ll have to behave yersel’, else yer oot on the street!”

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