Recycled Brown Paper Notebook

Hello, Happy Monday to you all 🙂 Today I made myself a little notebook, just because……


I don’t need another notebook, but I couldn’t bear to see the huge amount of brown packing paper that was scrunched up ready to go out to the bin. I mean, it was a huge pile… I tore it up into strips (easy as it was already perforated), and ironed it. Yes I do iron sometimes….haha!


After I ironed it, I folded it up into signatures


Then sewed along the edges to make the pages secure….one single page wasn’t thick enough, so I doubled them up.


After that I put a few signatures together and sewed up the middle so that it would fold over nicely


I glued some tissue paper onto the cover to make it….pretty, and placed contact paper over that so it would lie flat. It kind of detracts from the whole recycling thing, using contact paper, but I want to take this out in public and I’m sure nobody wants bits of tissue paper floating around their head, haha!


So there we are – a hand made little book 31 pages thick, and measuring 7 x 7 inches.

P.S My writing is atrocious, I know.

10 thoughts on “Recycled Brown Paper Notebook

      1. Well A4 or A5 size….depends on their usage. They lie flat but don’t quite fold right over as they are quite thick. I suppose a thinner one could fold over, I have yet to experiment with that. I used to stitch all my bindings but have lost the knack (or the patience, one of the two 🙂 )

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  1. Ah. As always, superb. Fun. What’s more fun than this? As I am a particular connoisseur of notebooks. I collect them, never can seem to write much of anything that’s useful in them. But something like this is inspiring. Perhaps you’ll share what goes on between those pages…?

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    1. Oh we think alike regarding notebooks then?! I adore notebooks and always begin to fill them with random nonsense, lists, doodles, then trail off for a while. Then another pretty one catches my eye and I’m all “Oooh, now THIS I will fill right up!” and so I repeat the process. As for the brown paper one, nothing has been written in it yet…..sadly.


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