Lurgy struck

Hi, Hi…..I’m still here. I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy – well hubby got it first, then it was my turn. So I haven’t been online much at all. but we are feeling better, and…..yes, ready to get back at it creatively speaking. Thats the thing about this time of year – especially in Scotland with the weather switching randomly from day to day (even hour to hour in some cases – this morning for example, I left the house and wandered to town bathed in sunshine, listening to all the little birds and it was all very springlike and tra-la-la…..then on arriving at the first shop, the heavens opened and I was soaked. Lovely stuff. Not.

So I haven’t done very much creating at all, but I’m cranking up the muse to get something going as we head into late afternoon.

Hope you are all very well and happy. I missed you all.

I don’t even have a picture to head up this post…tut tut, very disappointing.

12 thoughts on “Lurgy struck

  1. I was thinking about you last night and was about to DM you. I know what you mean about this weather. A couple of days ago we were out in the garden bathed in sunshine now it’s cold, wet and windy again. Glad you’re recovering 😊😷

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      1. Oh no, this weather is a tease, it was so sunny a few days ago, I was sat outside in the garden supervising his nibs tidying up the paths and borders (ie make sure he pulls up weeds and not plants!) and now it’s cold and wet and gale force winds!

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      2. The plants he chooses to pull out are the ones I have generally spent years growing from a single cutting, nurturing and splitting them to decorate a border and just as they make it to maturity I discover them in the bucket beside him – the latest episode happened just the other day and I actually wept!

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