Street art


Look atย this! Isn’t it fabulous? This is on the side of a building close to where I live, and its been done by two guys called Mark Worst and Ross Dinnett. Its huge and bright, and you can see it for miles (almost). I took this shot on my way back from the shops this evening thats why its a little bit bluegrey. Darkness falls quickly here in Scotland, ha!

Anyway, how are you? I hope you are all well. Not to spam or anything, but I have started a youtube channel. There are only two videos up at the moment but I want to do more. I’m having a problem with lighting and shadows, which is annoying but its all a work in progress I suppose. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Do you have plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to get out in the woods a little bit and take some photos of Spring flowers. I can feel the air getting lighter and things are beginning to blossom. I do like Spring. Of course *rolls eyes* it depends on the weather. Sometimes we have to dress for all 4 seasons on any given day!

Off to have some pizza now (gluten free, of course) Bye for now! P.S WordPress seems to have gone all wonky with stuff on the side? Is that some new formatting they are trying out or is it just me?



14 thoughts on “Street art

  1. Stunning! I wonder how long it will last? Yes, I was a bit startled after my break to find everything down the right instead of the left, why do they mess about when there’s no obvious reason or improvement?

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    1. Well it was commissioned by the council, so its kind of “official” (although, imo, the council could be doing with improving the high street, but thats off topic!) The local kids admire this kind of thing too, so it won’t get vandalised (hopefully!). How was your break? Are you feeling refreshed? I thought about emailing you yesterday, but didn’t want you to think I was “blog-prodding” (made up word, ha!)

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      1. Thank you, had a lot of pain from a visit to the dentist chair last week, it puts my back, jaw etc out, horrible ear and head pain. And I was v stressed about my mum. And extremely tired. Had lots of rest. Trying to ease back.๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear you have been under all that stress! Especially over your mum too. *virtual hug* well don’t be rushing back here (even though its lovely to see you) Family and health come first always. Email me if you need a shoulder! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Its pretty cool, huh? I’ll try to find some more around town to share, because they are doing more apparently. Do you have this where you live? I mean, actual painted stuff on buildings?


      1. Not really in my local area. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as good as this and so realistic. Rather than words or cartoon style drawings, I mean.


    1. Oh I know, right! Thing is, not many places are actually allowing this sort of art because they (councils or town planners) tend to view it as “graffiti” so kind of frown on it. But its becoming more common, slowly and surely, so Beige Begone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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