Framing with or without….

Framed Decalco Painting

I put this decal painting of mine in a frame, just to see what it looks like. Then I took out the glass, and I much prefer the way it looks when there is no glass in the way. Its not conventional to have an un-glassed artwork in a frame, especially when its an original…..but y’know…I like it. And I’m not a conventional person, but….I was wondering if it lacks professionalism not have glass over it? I just think the colours “pop” more when its open like this. What do you think? Do you prefer to look at a painting with glass or no glass (naturally I couldn’t take a decent photo of it with glass on it, due to said reflection issues……)


4 thoughts on “Framing with or without….

  1. I think the ultimate problem will be that it will deteriorate quicker without glass as it will be unprotected from dust and dirt etc but I know what you mean. I have a huge acrylic painting of the sea that my then student daughter did, it’s on hardboard and hangs unframed. I love the texture of it and sometimes lightly touch it on my way downstairs – it’s on the landing – and I would miss that sense of immediacy and intimacy if there were glass over it.

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    1. Exactly! I feel that the glass is a barrier to the whole visual experience, and since this is quite a small size, its not going to be damaged. We also have a couple of paintings (done by a real artist, not a potterer like me, haha!) and they are both framed acrylics, which now and again I run a feather duster over, but thats all they need. I think these days, most peoples houses are far cleaner (dust wise) than in the old days when paintings required a lot of protection.

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  2. Hm, a tricky one, but then who wants to be conventional, or even ‘professional’?
    How about no glass, but with a metal wire around it with a high voltage across it, to keep people from poking their greasy fingers at the work?

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