Macro Flowers Photography

I was out with my little dog today, and came across some lovely flowers – tulips I think. They had ragged edges, which looks quite lovely. The Frayed Tulip its called.

The painted flower

This one looks painted doesn’t it?

Pink Tulip Edge Macro

This is pretty as well.

Yellow edged tulip

Of course they have been modified to look like this, which my heart doesn’t agree with really (hypocritical, i know, since I’m posting them here saying “oooh pretty”) but I’m more of a wild meadow flower lover.


2 thoughts on “Macro Flowers Photography

  1. When I saw the first one, I thought you had painted it, it’s lovely, but I’m with you on modifed plants, can’t stand all those peachy coloured carnations my mum loves!
    Planned blogging is a good idea, but don’t let it rule your life! You could do specific topics on specific days, ringing the changes, keeping one of the days for your general post. Decide how many tomes a week you want to blog, if it’s twice a week you could have Mondays say for a series of how-to do a particular skill, Thursdays for a general post etc, so people will know when to expect the next one on the topic they’re interested in.
    She says this of course, not having any structure to her own blogging other than trying limit it to the first three days of the week and mostly failing miserably!


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