Back online and painting

Whoot! Hi everyone! Glad to be back – issues still ongoing, but lets not be moany. I hope you are all having a fine day.

Lemme show you something I have been working on – its poured painting. These shots are all different parts of the same painting.


Remember when I tried the hairdryer paintings, and said I didn’t want to try acrylic poured painting because it involved chemicals and stuff? Well I got some good results just using water and paint.


The thing with this technique is that it changes ALL the time – for example….this shot here no longer exists. It had morphed into something else by the time I had uploaded the picture.


This is at the bottom of the picture and is beginning to dry. When the paint dries, it gets quite muted so I’m going to have to find a varnish that can bring back the vibrance and shine.

9 thoughts on “Back online and painting

    1. Thank you….although I have to say that even though it was annoying, it was also quite helpful in making me slow down and enjoy other things apart from the Internet. I read 4 books!! Real books too, haha!

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      1. Wow, real books! Well done, can’t remember the last time… but I have to read Great Expectations this summer according to my grandson who has it as a set text for next year!

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      2. Oh that sounds lovely, to be reading it together! The discussions you will have! 😀 (Although it just occurred to me, if schools wish to keep children interested in books, they really could do with choosing something a bit more contemporary and relevant…..)

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    1. Thank you for the welcome back, and also the compliment! It is quite small (30cm x 40cm) just now as its a new technique I’m trying. I rather like the way it has turned out so I may go larger once I get a few done. 🙂

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